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Switzerland Travel Guide: 10 Best Places to Visit in Switzerland
List of Best Places to Visit in Switzerland: 1. Zurich, 2. Lucerne, 3. Jungfrau Region, 4. Bern, 5. Lake Geneva, 6. Lugano, 7. Zermatt, 8. Geneva, 9. Lausanne, 10. Interlaken

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10. Interlaken
Andrew Bossi:
Kosala Bandara:
9. Lausanne
Peter Hedlund:
8. Geneva
Andrey Pshenichny:
7. Zermatt
Chris James:
6. Lugano
5. Lake Geneva
Jelle Drok:
4. Bern
Guido Gloor Modjib:
Patty Ho:
3. Jungfrau Region
Ed Coyle:
2. Lucerne
1. Zurich
Kent Kanouse:

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    I have been to Switzerland

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  • Bookmania 1 year ago

    My favoutire place of Switzerland was Interlaken!!! Was amazing, I want show u my video of my switzerland travel:

  • Marc de Villette 1 year ago

    My home country, i get so homesick when im away in the UK πŸ™