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Going to India soon? Watch this before you go! It’s an amazing country and we loved it, but as with any country you visit, you need to prepare. These are our top 10 India travel tips and survival guide.

DAY 1 (Old Delhi):
DAY 2 (Old Delhi to Agra):
DAY 3 (Taj Mahal):
DAY 4 (Holi Fest):
DAY 5 (Jaipur):
DAY 6 (Flight to Varanasi):
DAYS 7-12 (Varanasi Travel Guide):
DAY 13 (New Delhi):


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Tour Guide in Agra:

Our Driver: Email – and specifically ask for the driver “Kishor” – that’s the name of the guy who drove us around. We started in Delhi and ended in Jaipur.


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  • Journal of Nomads 2 years ago

    Loved this video so much! Hahaha, you guys should start a travel show on TV 😀 (but please stay on YouTube too, would miss you around here 😉 ) Those tips are priceless and brought with a great sense of humor! Good reminder for the left hand – right hand rule. When I (Cynthia) was in Senegal, I had to get used to this one as I'm a lefty and got myself into awkward situations in the beginning … We always carry toilet paper with us though, it's our must-have travel essential. And thanks for the golden tips on how to avoid the Delhi Belly. If we make it to India, we'll sure by a bottle of that oil!! Awesome video, really enjoyed it a lot!!

  • Abhineesh Kumar 2 years ago

    and if you guys don't want to remember these things or don't want to experience such things better not to visit in our country ever in near future

  • RituRaj Singh 2 years ago

    For Washroom, you can always goto a restaurant or Cafe and even a mall. They all have Western Toilets and they never charge you anything unlike Europe 🙂

  • Summeron 1418 2 years ago

    nice informative video

  • M. A rao 2 years ago

    we indian don't use toilet paper ..because we believe paper or anything which is related to knowledge and studies is sacred ,according to Hindus,India is one of the oldest civilisation in the world,when u r forefathers we're nomads in the whole Europe ,we were one of the most advanced civilization

  • BangsBucketList 2 years ago

    Very practical tips! Especially about not wearing open-toe shoe. Starting a day with poo on my foot wouldn't be ideal. LOL

  • Roshan Purantar 2 years ago

    There's a lot of modernisation going on in our country and no westerner has ever tried to showcase it up in their vlogs.. Like seriously many tourists like to visit the underprivileged part of the country to showcase the less forturned… India has an amazing diverse environment where you can find the richest of the richest and poor as well. If are ready to showcase the worst part of the country.. You have to be ready to showcase the best part of rhe country as well. You've not even known 5% of India. So I kindly would like to host you for your next trip to India and I'll show you the most amazing hospitality and picturisation of my country. Pls do contact me on next visit and I'll show you places where you can never see in any part of the world… Cheers mate.. Welcome back.. This time to an adventurous and fortunate side of India!!

  • Surbhi Rahi 2 years ago

    Indian hotel and house all have hose in their washroom . there is no need for u to use your hand

  • Surbhi Rahi 2 years ago

    that's not true . u can wear what ever u want to but make sure when u r at any regious place then u need to be a bit conservative that's it

  • M. A rao 2 years ago

    pleae dont make these kind of stupid videos ,if u dont like india just dont visit again insted of cryng like babies fr tissue papers ,nd complaing like small kids ,every country has good nd ugly part ,u dont need to exagerate every aspect

  • M. A rao 2 years ago

    i guss u both are exaggerating the small issues , best tip tat i wl giv fr white tourists is try to spend money fr good food nd hotels insted of bargaing nd being cheap

    if u r planing to travel india come with a peaceful mind ,dont be upset with culture /surroundings it may spoil ur whole trip , other wise never think of coming to india

  • M telling all these things for long .. Ye filthy street market upgrade kar lo , footpath bnvao , toilets bnva lo , highways k filthy dhaba ko upgrade karva lo .. Street shops b itni filthy h BC … Aur pta nhi ye log cows ko khula kyu chhod dete h . . koi rule kyu nhi ispe abi tk .. Garbage pada rehta h har jagah … BC dharti inse smbhal nhi rahi mangal p search krne nikle h chutyie … Voh modi sala madarchod $50m k toh gift baat raha h padosi desho ko BC khudke desh m laga le millions live in slums or roads .. Ghar bnva deta unke liye ..

  • Vidi K 2 years ago

    yes exactly whn you go to a place u should knw wt to wear nd what not!where to eat and where not.this is in genral fr evry area one visits and so are ur travel trips too..

  • hindustani gyaan 2 years ago

    Why dont u people understand that india feeds 1300 million people with not much resources and land avialability,, obviously there will be socio economical issues and differences in environment between less populated(wealthy looking country) and extreme densely populated nation like India but that does not mean u only show the negative aspects of India…. Its a disgrace.
    U dont need oregano for indian food…that was hilarious. No foreigner ever needed that.
    Why dont u show positive aspects and the modern parts of the country which is generally everywhere around big cities like new delhi,mumbai,hyderabad,banglore,chennai,kolkata,noida,kochi,etc. But, u people always choose the poor villages and poor parts of cities(if its a major city). Mumbai has atleast 150-200 towers/buildings 50+ floor tall …Never seen any westerner show modern side of india…….or the skyline of modern indian cities.

  • andy chauhan 2 years ago

    i have to mention this…i guess you guys captured the careful bits about India for foreigners pretty well…makes me so glad I'm an Indian and immune to all the world….i can drink and eat whatever i want while showing my finger to the bugs…i am evolution..superman!!!

  • World Towning 2 years ago

    Love the tips – The language one is a hard one before you get there. Duolingo might help. I had such a hard time with Hindi when I was there for two months. Great work on the video.

  • Maiku Wong 2 years ago

    Yup agreed with all points. Especially hand sanitizer and wet naps. Learned that in Cambodia.

  • East Coast Contessas 2 years ago

    You guys are so much fun! We would love to visit india one day! Also super jealous you're going to South Africa!

  • Four Dirty Feet 2 years ago

    Awesome video as we need the tips. How much does a driver cost? Will def bring toilet paper haha So nervous about the food. I have stomach issues haha

  • Gab & Maya Backpacking 2 years ago

    it's funny because starting from #4 to #10… All those tricks could be good for latin america!! We will prepare very hard for the foods overthere!! Man you made my day!