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10 Japan travel hacks you need to know before you travel to Japan! I picked 10 tips that I would personally recommend people based on my past experiences!

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  • Shhhmint ! 1 year ago

    Hooeshot, where it dis cutie hidden at? Imma cum to japan and snack on u

  • Hi Kim, I'm planning a 1-week solo trip to Tokyo, either in 2nd half Oct 2017 and next year 2nd half Feb 2018. Which month would you recommend and why?
    My last trip to Tokyo was in year 2008, it's was so long ago that I almost forget the places that I went before. What places in Tokyo will you recommend for female solo trip? Thank you! πŸ˜‰

  • bubbly_xy 1 year ago

    is the JR pass for one person? do they have family pass for that? planing to visit Japan with my 3yr old son and my husband.

  • shinnidan 1 year ago

    Oh yeah…i got one for you. It would HELP if you don't know how to speak the language …a few helpful phrases…like asking for directions, or request like when u in a taxi you can tell the drive where you want to go …and know some words like stop here…next corner …there to the left/right …turn…etc. in most cases you can get away by using body language but it's also nice to just know what to say. Lol which is strange for me when though I know how to speak jp ..
    I often only spoke to the people I was with. But if you in the country side…forget it! They mostly will NOT know any English….

  • shinnidan 1 year ago

    Didn't know about the pocket wifi…nice to know. Yes, you can get a Jr pass …my agent provides that for me when ever I have to go jp. Website…wow didn't know that either.

  • Wendy Nual 1 year ago

    Hi Kim! I will be going to Japan next week and I've been watching some of your videos and find it very useful. Can I ask if what company is offering a reliable pocket wifi rental or you have availed into? I hope you will answer my question. Thank you so much. πŸ™‚

  • tony garcia 1 year ago

    You are so cute Kim We going to Japan on October 27 We are very exiting to visit there. Thank you.

  • Samantha Browne 1 year ago

    So what if we bought the JR pass, should we buy a train card as well?

  • Eric Larrabee 1 year ago

    i went in october in 2016. paid Y2300 for a SIM that got me 2 weeks of unlimited data. and a JR pass is only worth it if youre using the bullet train to travel the country.

  • trialandacetone 1 year ago

    Heading to Japan in October, great video! I have T-Mobile as my cell phone provider and they have free international data, which worked great last year in Australia and New Zealand so I think I'll be fine!

  • Aaron Lockwood 1 year ago

    Hello kimado,

    I've got a very good idea of what my 1 week trip to Japan is as follows.

    If I was going on a 1 week trip to Japan, For my 2nd Day in Japan I'd visit Jungle SCS and Herogangu in Osaka for my Bioman mecha needs as I a big fan of the 1984 Super Sentai TV programme "Choudenshi Bioman" though Herogangu is closed on a Wednesday plus I'm also a Transformers G1 fan. For 3rd day in Japan, I'll visit the Pokemon centre in Tokyo along a day out in Akihabara and my 4th Day in Japan, I'll visit Mandarake for my Transformers needs as well as My Pokemon card needs, etc., I''ll still visit Akihabara for my 5th and 6th Days in Japan and finally for my 7th Day in Japan, I'll visit the Pikachu festival in Yokohama though the Pikachu festival and the Pikachu parade that takes place in Yokohama is during August.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read this comment and I'd love to know what you think.

    Aaron J Lockwood

  • hlosed 1 year ago

    great video!!! thanks <3

  • Ani H. 1 year ago

    You look so Beautiful

  • 恡美子 H 1 year ago

    Japan has great wifi, but lemme tell you; the wifi p-words are a beast to behold. Imagine a password like this

    8f857h38n02h5035 (random btw.)

    Yeah. That's what passwords look like. Not like cutesy ourdogistoocutetolive kind of stuff.

  • Li Jiaxin 1 year ago

    can someone make a summary

  • Malaika A-mazing 1 year ago

    I'm planning to go to Japan with my friend who has never been there before. we are both learning japanese. thank you for all your tips they are really helpful, from my own experience I would advice to learn about the culture, learn a little bit of basic japanese and set aside 1 whole day for shopping!

  • mental psycho 1 year ago

    so helpful! please marry me

  • Joanna Tran 1 year ago

    Where can you buy the hotpacks?

  • Alex F 1 year ago

    Train Tickets sound expensive without JR pass aye

  • Bud Leiser 1 year ago

    These tips were awesome and unique. Most of which I hadn't heard of I especially liked #10 solid tip when traveling in countries that don't share your language. πŸ™‚

  • David Wolstenholme 1 year ago

    japan the land of dreams

  • David Wolstenholme 1 year ago

    although I only saw a little of GermanyΒ  back in the 70s I have never seen any other parts of the world nor of a lot of our country EnglandΒ  but I get enjoymentΒ  travelling to places like japan from my sofa

  • Mons_InHead_Sters 1 year ago

    Ur hair color is fucking bombbb. Can I ask what color it is, or if u have time. Can u make a video on your hair color and the different dyes and the process? Thank youu

  • SpookyRoseV 1 year ago

    I think I'm okay on the Wifi part, my family plans not only has unlimited data ,but we specifically got it because my parents work in international air travel so it works overseas. But even then it's still good advice since it'll be slower if you use it too often

  • Lisa H 1 year ago

    Do you know if you can take those heat packs across the border to other countries, ie australia?~

  • STR4TEGYY 1 year ago

    do you have a video on getting an apartment in Japan? like do I need some sort of Id to even get one idk how it works!!!

  • Steffie Honadi 1 year ago

    Very helpful! thank you so much