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10 Japanese Travel Tips for Visiting America

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  • Benjamin Esposti 2 weeks ago


  • TREY RIVER 2 weeks ago

    on language it's few Americans who enjoy the pun quite as much as the Japanese seem to at least from some of the media I have seen. they even have puns in kanji which is kind of like having a pun by spelling error or incorrect spelling in English would you guys happen just not a lot

  • well cool story bro 2 weeks ago

    I just wear a jacket ,uniform and jeans and other stuff

  • Timothy Macdonald-Morgan 2 weeks ago

    Fight the first American that you see (regardless of age). It's considered polite.

  • 2 weeks ago

    Great Video

  • Phillip Quintela 2 weeks ago

    In Texas we are impressed if you can drink a lot and hold ya liquor

  • Alex Lacount 2 weeks ago

    We don't offer an apology even if we hurt someone, but we will help them get to a hospital or at least contact an ambulance for the person in most cases. It might be a collective thought that doing something is better than a hollow apology.

  • Todd Smith 2 weeks ago

    Furthermore, when was the last time this dude has been to America? He just generalized too much about everything.

  • Christobanistan 2 weeks ago

    I am so sorry for Justin Bieber. This is my deepest apology to the planet. Now would Canada show some contrition for Celine Dion?

  • Angry Misanthropist Freak 2 weeks ago

    Don't forget to warn them about the gun violence.

  • 4th dimension 2 weeks ago

    Also, thanks white guy for perpetuating stereotypes about Black Americans. Fuck you very much.

    My sister has lived in Japan for over a decade. I've spent about 5 weeks over there. White American males over there are so obnoxious.

  • 4th dimension 2 weeks ago

    Bland…compared to Japanese food?


  • HERPY DERPEDY 2 weeks ago

    me living in USA and my friends as well are like "OOH MOTHER RUSSIA UNION OF LANDS ONCE MORE VICTORIOUS THE RED ARMY STANDS!!!!" and don't be Stalin me cause I'm Russian for food but apparently there's a good chance of hail and recently I had a gas leak but Jew don't have to worry cause my Fürher fixed it leme get my Jewish girlfriend grabs ash pan 😀 wonder how much I can offend

  • Colonel Teehee 2 weeks ago

    Eww I saw Obama…

  • sandycapo 2 weeks ago

    the announcer guy is a douche.

  • Deandra 2 weeks ago

    tbh you don't need tips coming to North America, many restaurants of your choices and practically anything to do & the races and everything are diverse (more than Japan) and you don't need to speak formal but just come here and it's easier if you know English 🙂

  • Jeffrey Osborn 2 weeks ago

    Diners are American, BBQ is American.

  • NathanStokvis On Phone 2 weeks ago

    asians meeting westeren culture is so cool

  • IconOfSin24148 2 weeks ago

    And Wisconsin. You get props up here for keeping up with us :3

  • Mystic Virgo 2 weeks ago

    Oh! I have one.. Americans don't care very much what others around us think of us… usually

  • barry lovelace 2 weeks ago

    Interesting video! Don't stop making them

  • Don Won 2 weeks ago

    Lol " bieber thinks he's black ". Racist much ?

  • Sujoy Ghosh 2 weeks ago

    Are they high?