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Are you considering traveling to Ukraine? Come find out 10 reasons to visit Ukraine along with some of our best travel tips to make your trip to Ukraine as enjoyable as possible.

On a personal level, Ukraine was the most pleasantly surprising country we visited this year on tour across Europe. Not knowing what to expect and not having much time to prepare we arrived in Ukraine with fresh eyes while hitting the ground running.

Overall we visited Kiev and Lviv and left wanting to explore more of Ukraine. How expensive is Ukraine? Our top 10 reasons to visit Ukraine covers accommodation, food, attractions and transportation along with a slew of other travel tips.

10 Reasons to Visit Ukraine Travel Tips

1) Ukraine is Affordable for travelers

-$15-35 per night for entire apartments using Airbnb
-Great value meals for about $5-10 per person for a full meal or less for a budget meal
-Metro tickets in Kiev only cost 5 HRV ($0.20)
-Groceries reasonably priced – we loved chocolate + wine

2) Ukraine is an Underrated Country to Visit

-We didn’t encounter many other tourists – especially International visitors
-Attractions were not overrun and sometimes if we visited early enough on a weekday we had places to ourselves
-The only exception to that is churches because they’re active places of worship

3) Safety

-News coverage would suggest Ukraine is unsafe but we found Kiev and Lviv to be very safe when we visited (along the border with Russia could be a different story)
-We walked around with our cameras without any issues
-No hassles while walking around
-I went jogging at night in Kyiv
-Locals are out enjoying life – playing chess in parks, eating in restaurants and using public spaces for concerts

4) Friendliness of locals in Ukraine

-Really good and friendly service at restaurants (some English spoken most of the time)
-Great AirBNB hosts who both went above and beyond to help us
-Even with language barrier smiles aplenty
-As a travel tip for Ukraine learn to read the Cyrillic alphabet

5) Traditional Ukrainian Food in Kiev and Lviv

-Good local food scene – for all price points
-Typically Ukrainian cuisine is hearty and filling
-Some of our favorite Ukrainian food includes the following:
a) varenyky (dumplings)
b) banosh (polenta, bacon and sheep’s cheese)
c) deruny (potato pancakes with sauce)
d) borscht

6) Thriving International Food Scene

-Georgian cuisine
-Korean food
Italian style pizzas
-Pop up cafes and food trucks in parks and on street corners

7) Transportation

-awesome metro system in Kiev (grand stations and deep underground + affordable prices)
-deepest station in the world in Kyiv (5 minutes)
-great connections from airport to city center in Kyiv
-taking the train from Kiev to Lviv and it was efficient, on time and comfortable

8) Architecture in Ukraine

-interesting mix of a bit of Soviet but mostly ornate European architecture
-some parts look like they could belong in Paris or Buenos Aires and other parts are distinctly soviet
-painted in cheerful colors

9) Ukrainian Churches in Kyiv and Lviv

-Orthodox churches and monasteries in Kyiv – main attractions
-ornate and onion domes – impressive on inside and outside
-women need to cover up in Orthodox churches
-active places or prayer
-witnessed weddings in Lviv
Lviv features numerous types of churches

10) Variety and diversity of places to visit in Ukraine

-Kyiv is very different from Lviv (worth visiting both)
-We didn’t get to Odessa which has been highly recommended
-Other places of potential interest include Chernivtsi, Ivano-Frankivsk and Carpathian Mountains

What are some other places in Ukraine you’d recommend visiting? Any Ukraine travel tips you think we missed? Other reasons to love Ukraine? Please let us know in the comments below.


$1 US Dollar = 26.51 Ukrainian Hryvnia
Ukraine (Україна)
Kyiv (Київ) Ukrainian and Kiev (Киев) Russian
Lviv (Львів)

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This is part of our Travel in Ukraine video series showcasing Ukrainian food, Ukrainian culture and Ukrainian cuisine.

Music in this video courtesy of via YouTube Audio Network under a creative commons license.

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  • FbII Justice 1 year ago

    Are there any Vegan dishes?
    Google translates vegan to vegatarian in ukrainian, maybe there isnt a word for vegan.

  • Ку Ку 1 year ago

    Thank you for your blog. It was interesting to watch your impressions of traveling Ukraine. If you suddenly will be in Zaporizhia visit Khortytsya Island. It's he largest island оn Dnieper. There is a reconstruction of Zaporizhian Sich. Рlace where lived cossacks ( By the way there is also a church there 🙂 Also interesting to see Dnieper Hydroelectric Station. This is a huge and impressive structure. It can be seen from the island. Also in the Zaporozhye region worth to see “Stone Tomb” ( and Popov Castle ( And of course you should swim in the warm Azov Sea. Good luck!

  • Nicolas Pasiuk 1 year ago

    Thanks you for these good words about Ukraine. I`ll hope you arrive here again! Because Ukraine it`s very beautiful and different and you can have good time here. You could also visit Vinnica, Chernivtsi, Odessa , maybe Lutck etc. Thanks for you good job!

  • Alex Prok 1 year ago

    Thank you, Audrey and Samuel, for the realistic and useful response about Kyiv, Lviv and ukrainian cuisine.
    I am from Kyiv, but about 10 years I was living in a few european countries,
    thus I have a basis for comparison. Cheap and safe country is rare combination. However cheap is rather
    temporary, thus use the moment. Additionally I would mention about cheap
    traditional historic or naturalistic museums,
    galleries, theaters, philharmonic and opera houses, the best one in Ukraine is
    in Odessa, by the way. As well Ukraine has reach nature, although country side
    looks mostly poor and hardly accessible for tourists so far. But Kyiv by itself
    is relatively green and relief city in the center. In summertime Kyiv, besides
    a lot of parks and view places, including Peizazhna Aleia (Пейзажна Алея / Landscape Alley)
    with fabulous sculptures, Spivoche Pole (Співоче Поле / Singing Field) with flower expositions and other, there
    are Dnipro river beaches, for example, in Hydropark ( and via Pedestrian bridge ( There are also Zoo (, small Botanic garden (, big Botanic garden (, and on an outskirt of Kyiv there is rather
    unique open air museum of Architecture and Everyday Life ( with periodical demonstrations of ancient local
    traditions. You will see more pictures if you will switch to the Wiki-links in Ukrainian.
    And to enrich visual impressions by sound impressions I would propose to
    listen, for example, some old and ancient folk songs modernized by ethno-chaos band
    Dakha Brakha (old Slavonic Даха
    Браха / means to Give to Take) live on KEXP in 2017 (
    or live at Glastonbury in 2016 (

  • Julia Abelle 1 year ago

    Chernobyl' – is yet another very worthwhile even if a different type of sightseeing in Ukraine. It is very fascinating (and sad of course). You can go with guided groups there now, all safe and checked. Many tourists including foreign do it nowadays. We enjoyed a day trip to Chernobyl' and Pripyat'- the ghost city – in 2016 immensely.

  • Rajender Rajender 1 year ago

    I love Ukraine

  • owen 1 year ago

    wait a minute I did not see any church videos? I love old churches;

  • Josh Walker 1 year ago

    What Airbnb did you use in Kiev? I'm going next year and need recommendations!

  • Sonia Shuster 1 year ago

    Good points. I've been to Ukraine this year for the first time and I agree with you, I have similar impression.

  • Zee Yacob 1 year ago

    Really enjoyed watching ur videos. Great country & great foods…tqsm sam & audrey for sharing…😃

  • andgainingspeed 1 year ago

    You guys, more than any other youtubers have me considering destinations for travel. The India trip and now Ukraine have added new places to my bucket list. Thanks for all your hard work.

  • Драгон Злович 1 year ago

    Не, сорян, вы туда не доберетесь без своего транспорта

  • vangrails 1 year ago

    I like the soups in Ukraine, the borsjt and solyanka soup.

  • Peter Kelly 1 year ago

    Well done , as usual … smart couple. ( My timer is going off , lambs done , gotta run ..) Enjoy !!!