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Travel Host of “Anywhere But Fargo,” Matt Owen gives you his 10 tips for how to visit London like a Mother Lovin’ Wizard.

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  • Tanu Ghosh 1 year ago

    You are funny

  • Alex Shin 1 year ago

    Omg so little views and subscribers! How much time did you spend in London?

  • Tsai Nicole 1 year ago


  • Liz DeStefano 1 year ago

    I cant wait! Ive veen dying to go for a VERY long time and I'll get to go Next year 2018! Aweeeee almost here! Sometime at the end of May or during the summer!

  • hiren maru 1 year ago

    Great video! How clean is London?

  • ohemgeejackie 1 year ago

    Hi Matt! Love your videos; they're so authentic. I'm taking a trip to London + France in December and was wondering if you had any tips for the latter as well. 🙂

  • Airport Info HQ 1 year ago

    0:51 TIP 1. Borough Market
    1:15 TIP 2. Eye Don't Think So
    1:57 TIP 3. Tower of London
    2:42 Tip 4. Mind the Gap
    3:17 Tip 5. Drink on the Street
    3:22 TIP 6. Stuff Your Face
    4:14 TIP 7. British Museum
    4:50 TIP 8. Won't You Be My Neighbor?
    5:30 TIP 9. London Esssspensive
    5:55 TIP 10. Get Lost
    Nice video!Thanks for sharing.

  • darbuka01 1 year ago

    Do not STAY in generator in London! The heat was not working in January and i almost froze to death, the only thing that is nice about that hostel is the location.

  • Camia Alexis UK 1 year ago

    lol why am i even watching this I'm from England i live in England i go to a high school in England lol it's nice to see outsiders see our country have a nice time in our beautiful country England 😂😘😍😍😎

  • Aaron O 1 year ago

    Such an adorable Yankee

  • Janice Marchbank 1 year ago

    Loved your video! Wished I had seen it before I had gone to London in April. I was "disappointed" that I didn't see any Spotted Dick on the dessert menu's. lol

  • Watched Walker 1 year ago

    Enjoyed the video (and the humour), London is a great city to just walk around and explore, so many interesting areas.

    I create walking tour videos on YouTube (no commentary, just the sights and sounds), mainly featuring London. These may be useful to anyone thinking about visiting London, to get an idea of good locations to visit and useful routes to walk 🙂

  • David Jackson 1 year ago

    If you had warm beer you must have gone to a crap pub.

  • 19mad92 1 year ago

    amazing video! Thank you 🙂

  • Alan Mac 1 year ago

    That was excellent!

  • hulamamma 1 year ago

    Thanks for your honest hilarious money saving tips.

  • NJ Katakiya 1 year ago

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  • NJ Katakiya 1 year ago

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  • keith barber 1 year ago

    London awesome? London is AWFUL – (but I've lived in London all my life😊😀😂😁😀)

    travel to the destination and find Cockfosters is an outlying suburb on the northern edge of London between Enfield and Barnet

  • Benjamin Bradley 1 year ago

    Why do all Americans doing English accents sound like Oliver Twist on crack?

  • Berline B 1 year ago

    visiting london in September. That was helpful, thank you.😊

  • Martin Kent 1 year ago

    Lovely, stunning freewheeling capital city. Did you know, that many of the parents in London ignore traffic laws with their children and that any of these parents are civil servants? Youth in England, deserve better from their civil servants. Let's have a robust and vigorous attitude towards public safety and end the current freewheeling capital city phenomenon. What do you think?