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Traveling to foreign countries can be terrifying, especially when there’s not enough information about your destination. Here are some tips I’ve put together from living and traveling in China for 14 months and hopefully it will make your trip more enjoyable!

Talking Points:

6. VPN


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  • Jason_of_Rivia 619 1 year ago

    Super happy I found this guide🙏

  • First First 1 year ago

    Even Amazon sells China Simcard with VPN in Europe ……you can buy in Shanghai airport too…….!

  • チン 1 year ago

    a typical foreigner. just for reminding, what you see China now will be exactly the same way next generation in China see your child.

  • Lisa Morice 1 year ago

    Fantastic video and information. I've just booked a tour to China next year so I'll be watching this again. Thank You!

  • supa3ek 1 year ago

    Why not just get a SIM card there and plug it in ?

  • Christopher Hindle 1 year ago

    8 of your top 10 most viewed Youtube videos are about China, could care less about these backwater 3rd world island countries with tropical resorts for rich snobs. Many people find China's future fascinating.

  • bitch hunter 1 year ago

    Wonderful speech! Poppy I should say you look prettier than before tho you were already pretty enough. But the thing is, what the_ is the ninth tip about "left food"? I dont understand at all. you see we were taught since very young that" don't waste your food" as always. so, of course you should not waste your food and do your best to eat up what you got! this is the normalest thing in China ok. So poppy just eat, as much as you can, and it will be taken as a compliment for who made it.

  • Sammy Bula 1 year ago

    Just want to know how voip app could I use to call from usa to shenzhen, china

  • Hong Jiang 1 year ago

    Hey , I watched a lot of your videos yesterday night. there are so good. I do not like destroying moutations for farming. By the way how long you have been living in China? What you think of the change of forest rate in China. Do you think China has much more forest than 10 years ago? or much less ? what you think the forest rate in China 10 years ago and now ? How you think about the nature. Sorry I have too many questions. Maybe because of my father, I started to have interest in where my root is from.

  • Heidi Griffin 1 year ago

    I had hotpot several times when I lived in China a few years ago and it never made me sick…I'm sorry you had that experience with it 🙁. I loved hotpot!

    Otherwise, great tips, Poppy! Thanks for the advice! I'll be sure to keep this video in mind when I go to China again 😊

  • AYTA1010 1 year ago

    For the food tip, in certain provinces in the south it's polite to leave a bit of food at the end of your meal in your bowl, in northern parts of China it's usually rude not to finish everything in your plate. Each province will differ slightly in the etiquettes, just ask the locals!

  • DaJun LI 1 year ago

    About the price of the cheese, maybe you ignore a "买一送一”, which means 50% off if you buy 2. LOL

  • Shijie Guo 1 year ago

    Just say maidan when you want checkout and then require fapiao. Because some small restaurants want to dodge paying tax and then you can ask extra discount or small gift like free drinks if you checkout without invoices. Hahaha

  • Vicky's Sparky 1 year ago

    Thanks Poppy for all those awesome vlogs over the last 14 months. Some of the gorgeous places I've never even heard of and I was born and raised in Mainland (shame on me😅). Now been living overseas for quite a few years your and Jordan's videos really inspired me to "re visit" my home country and experience what I have missed. Thanks Poppy and look forward to more of your travel adventures coming.

  • Very good tips Poppy. To anyone travelling for about 1-2 weeks these are a must follow rules. Additional advice, anyone planning to live there for more than 2 weeks or a month I would recommend downloading WeChat or Alipay. Poppy did a video about Wechat before, check it out, but it's basically all your apps rolled into one super app, Facebook, Instagram, Whats App etc etc. China has a lot of cashless e-mobile payment options from convenience stores, street vendors, restaurants, transportation etc etc. It's a must have for anyone living here.

  • Marcelo Cabrera 1 year ago

    Bueno video chiquita

  • Shawn Hung 1 year ago

    Google Translate is available in China. 😊

  • Jimmy Wong 1 year ago

    Nice! Love your video!

  • 神秘德里克 1 year ago

    Depending the generation and intimacy ,Leaving food unfinished may or may not a good behavior.

  • alvin 1 year ago

    Hey there, thanks for the vid! For hotels, if you use a site like, you can see a last renovated date. If you book a hotel that is renovated within the last 12 months, it is usually very good. This way you can find something affordable, without having to stay in the top $$$ hotels.

  • Felix Bello 1 year ago

    Are you still not allowed to flush toilet paper in China?