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Are you traveling to India soon? Be sure to see my video on my travel hacks, and tips to visiting India, you definitely don’t want to miss this one.

Today I show you how to travel India, what to bring, what to see in in Hampi and the ruins, and how to enjoy the people and culture in fun and interesting ways.

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  • Custom Android 1 year ago

    Great to watch such things when you live in the same place..

  • Kanishk Bhatnagar 1 year ago

    Instagram girls 😂😂😂

  • Chandausi City 1 year ago

    Love you Alex ….Come again in India

  • Indian DNA 1 year ago

    Kya khandar pe lee gaya mamu tereko……. India mein jyadater cheeze colourful rehte hai ayse black and white nahiii

  • Kabir ahmed 1 year ago

    Nice video to showcase the beauty of india visit Rajasthan a state with lot's of forts, monuments I hope you will love it

  • gabriel escobar 1 year ago

    alex chacon whats the name of the blonde girl which you did the follow me selfie shes gorgeous

  • vineetha bhakthan 1 year ago

    u r sooo wrong to generalise india with what u have seen there..cow is not a holy animal in every part of india and there is no need to respect it at all …also monkeys are not found in every temples but depends on their location n habitat..afterall india is a billion plus populated vast country which has more headcount and cultural diversity than entire europe or the americas..u cannot generalise europe or even the americas and same goes with india tooo

  • Dipak bhai Gupta 1 year ago

    Welcome to India

  • pavan Kumar 1 year ago

    Actually in karnataka we speak Kannada.. U r taking Hindi that is nahi chahiye…!!!!

  • The Diplomat 1 year ago

    Not look like India? Maybe not look like North India.
    Hampi is authentic South India!

  • Techinal Purohitji 1 year ago

    Have a great tme in india

  • NAVEEN HV 1 year ago

    Quality content = alex what a video quality man

  • Anil Dharurkar 1 year ago

    Don't use straw and skin cancer, that's too much, I saw hundreds of white tourist staying in cheap places in Paharganj, New Delhi. Most of them don't have any proper clothes and eat very cheap food and look like worst than beggars.

  • manoj rao 1 year ago

    you are totally out of context in this series, most of the time you are in complaint mode. you didn't tell anything about any place and your expression was like you are forced to do that. all the time you ranted about how blogger do things, how bunch of bloggers looks like, you are on job etc. you messed it all. worst ever travel series according to me.

  • Bleh! 1 year ago

    The architecture in southeast Asia was inspired by Indian temples as cholas from south India ruled those parts.. that's why humpi looks like south east Asia or rather the reverse..

  • Dhruv Pandey 1 year ago

    where is your drone? would love to see some aerial shots.

  • Harsh Nema 1 year ago

    If you don't need to buy any stuff

  • Harsh Nema 1 year ago

    Sir you should say"Paise Nahi Hai"

  • Shridhar Kumbar 1 year ago

    U missed drone shot in this vlog…

  • Ankit shetty 1 year ago

    Indians watching…."15 thngs we need to knw b4 we come to India…"😂

  • Bhargav Parmar 1 year ago

    Do visit Ahmedabad too and do drive bike in Ahmedabad … It will be next level adventure….. Lol…. Love your work … Hope will meet one day …. 🙏🙏🙏🙌🙌🙌 Stay safe .. stay blessed

  • Latest movies 1 year ago

    Thanks for coming India

  • lonestarrider 1 year ago

    Awesome Hacks! And Awesome Series!