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11 Things to Do in Yangon, Myanmar | Yangon Travel Guide | More details on my written post:
19 Things to Know before you go to Myanmar:

9 Types of Transportation in Myanmar:
Cultural Things to Know: *Discovering Yangon* : .

More helpful Posts on my blog about Myanmar:


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  • Herry Novri 2 years ago

    I visited there twice in 2013. I owned a 1994 Corolla saloon at that time and to my surprise there were so many of it kinds there. I took a picture of one of this corolla, a taxi. But suddenly a man asked me to delete the picture. I did not know why, but since then I thought there were needed some kind of permit to take picture there. Anybody could give explanation?

  • Joyful Julia23 2 years ago

    I live in there thank you for visiting I thought myan mar wasnt famous at all

  • Huishi tang 2 years ago

    Thanks a lot for the intro to Yangon! Was really helpful for my trip there ((:
    Btw I also found some other alternative things to do and made a vlog too if yall are interested in how the city is like currently hehe ^^

  • M Jones 2 years ago

    You can take a 3-hour train ride around the entire city for about 30 cents. You get a good view of the landscape and get to see many villages. The National Museum is also good.

  • TeeOozy 2 years ago

    I'm Burmese and I never been to Burma. I need to visit one day

  • Ole Fella 2 years ago

    Long Live Myanmar! Google 'Long-Live Indochina/WorldAffairs/ChinaDailyForum'
    for hidden plain truth facts about this Indochina nation.

  • Sudeen Lamsal 2 years ago

    nice city in Myanmar burma

  • Melody Dodi 2 years ago

    i mean our and shwe da gone pagoda

  • Melody Dodi 2 years ago

    thank you for showing oir country wait really so you need to go bagan in the is a beautiful view ever

  • Kawaii GURL 2 years ago

    im already in so :3

  • Kevin Dale Wei Hamada 2 years ago

    is it safe to travel in the capital?

  • Stephanie Trejo 2 years ago

    Hi, did you visit Bagan? I will be going to Yangon in 4 weeks and I am debating whether to try hot air balloon in Bagan or wait to visit Cappadocia. Any suggestions?

  • swampzoid 2 years ago

    Nicely presented. It looks like an exciting city. Maybe I can visit there one day.

  • Lwin Aung 2 years ago

    I love the video watching them are just making me want to cry cuz I left since I was 7

  • Nakadu 2 years ago

    Surely the zoo should be in the top 11?? It's really good……Yangon is a fabulous city.

  • Schothorst24 2 years ago

    sounds like an fun travel desintation

  • DarkReality 2 years ago

    I would be interested in going here…

  • Katelyn May Shin Thant 2 years ago

    I can tell you every thing about Burma Yangon because i was born there i love my country.❤️

  • Kyle Le Dot Net 2 years ago

    Round applause for ya <3 thanks you for sharing, I was wondering what I'm going to do in Myanmar this summer. Finally found your video very useful for me and other travelers. Thanks again +GRRRL TRAVELER | Christine Kaaloa 

  • Ribas Abbas 2 years ago

    ow i forget to say what an amazing vid!!! subbed and liked offcourse 🙂

  • Ribas Abbas 2 years ago

    Im heading to Birma in April. Cant wait after seeing your vid. Isnt it dangerous to walk with expeniseve pro camera's ?

  • l3abyx3 2 years ago

    Hahaha that ooh, ooh, ooh means egg, egg, egg 😉

  • Ed Agent 2 years ago

    Is the betel nut, opium of some sort?