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Do you want to visit the best places in Geneva? These are my 12 carefully selected travel tips and things to do in Geneva, Switzerland. My Geneva travel guide features many hidden secrets and less known places like Bains des Paquis, CERN, Chez Ma Cousine and tips for the Geneva Festivals. Can we make it to 1,000 LIKES?

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Geneva is one of those cities in Europe that absolutely blew my mind. Many boring travel guides are available these days for Geneva and are often all the same, that’s why I dug deep into Geneva to bring you the best hidden spots.

Start your adventure in Geneva at Bains des Paquis especially on a sunny day. The whole city comes together to enjoy to pure waters of Lake Geneva and watch the live music during the Sunrise Festival at 6:00am every day.

Geneva is most famous for Jet d’Eau, the giant fountain in the middle of Lake Gevena and considered the most iconic fountain in the world. This 140 meters tall fountain can be seen from miles away while 500 liters of water blast through the air every second.

During the evening you can hangout at Bains des Paquis while you enjoy traditional Swiss cheese fondue and make friends with many locals.

Geneva also offers their popular summer festival hold on August 4th until August 14th and ends with a massive fireworks show.

My hidden secrets are lunch at Chez Ma Cousine, an afforable restaurant in the old town of Geneva and the budget no-name convenience store on the crossing of Rue de Zurich & Rue de Paquis.

Other places of interest are United Nations headquarters, the FREE bike rental shop called Geneveroule where you only have to provide a deposit to borrow a bike and last; you can actually see Mont Blanc from the Lake Geneva waterfront (unknown to many tourists).

Have a safe journey!

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    I live in Geneva and I’m not sure for the first one but other are pretty much corrects

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    Thanks to your videos I was able to visit Grindelwald and it was the most AMAZING EXPERIENCE EVER!

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    What was the name of the street where Heineken was $1?? This is vital information

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    Your videos are really helpful thanks for sharing your experience

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    I live here

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    What about giniva plage . That place is amazing

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    Hey! Great video. On my channel you will find videos about Switzerland and in the latest video I reveal one of Geneva secret spots;) Enjoy

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    Beautiful country! <3 last time i've been there with my Fam:was back in 76&77' ps! das wahren die schönste zeiten meines ,lebens"

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    2:28 the hotel that I'm at /the area

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    Not a bad video, as it appears as though you have actually done some research.

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    whats the address of the convenience store?? Is aldi or any other chain supermarket cheaper?? Great video btw 🙂

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    No way would I get up that early b4 work😨😨 Geneva is a cool place

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    I lived there for a long time. …

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    you sound very dutch

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    Adorabile Città! Ho Trascorso Momenti Sereni, Spero Tanto Di Ritornare

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    What about entrance cost of Bains des Pâquis? Or is it free?

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    V expensive u can say that again

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    excellent, survived in the most expensive city in Europe.
    highly recommended.

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    Great Video I Was In Geneva Last Summer And It's Really Beautiful! This Summer I Plan To Visit More Cool Places In Geneva. In Regards To The Java Club Is It Always Free? And What Are The Age Requirements?