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15 Things You Didn’t Know About Denmark | Travel Tuesdays
Travel Tuesdays:

Denmark Travel Guide:

In this video we’ll try to answer the following questions:
Where is Denmark?
What are some things you should know about denmark?
Is Denmark worth visiting?
How old is Denmark?
What is there to see in Denmark?
Is Denmark expensive?
What is it like to live in Denmark?
How expensive is Denmark?
What are the most important things to visit in Denmark?
What should you know before visiting Denmark?
Which are the major touristy spots in Denmark?
Is Copenhagen worth visiting?
Which are the best restaurants in Copenhagen?
Whiich ar the best hotels in Copenhagen?

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  • 2 weeks ago

    Hello Aluxers! As you know, we're debuting a new series called TRAVEL TUESDAYS, where every Tuesday we present another incredible destination around the world!
    Which country or city should we cover next Tuesday?
    Already Done:

    Denmark Travel Guide:

  • The_One_And_Only_King_Of_New_York1 2 weeks ago

    Even though this is "15 Things You Didn't Know About Denmark" it dosen't inspiring people to come to Denmark, you don't think wow i wanna go to Denmark BTW i'm Danish!

  • The_One_And_Only_King_Of_New_York1 2 weeks ago

    What about The Little Mermaid?

  • Eske Brage Michelsen 2 weeks ago

    Very few danes are christian xD we have one of the highest precentages of christians in the entire world, though it´s true that it has been somewhat declining, but this has been in the past 10-15 years. Is it possible to link sources when making those statements. Also the Vikings had no connection to chirstianity what so ever, they simply conquered to gain power and resources that were limited in the north.

  • Victoria Damkjær Breese 2 weeks ago

    I come from Denmark and i love IT!! 😀😀

  • Tobias Kryel 2 weeks ago

    11: you forgot all from volbeat : )

  • Jacob Rasmussen 2 weeks ago

    we need to pay for Oure health care

  • Fruensgaard 2 weeks ago

    Carice van Houten is from the Netherlands?

  • RLVVEED XCII 2 weeks ago

    Platic bags is NOT banned in Denmark sadly

  • frederik sommer 2 weeks ago

    Im from denmark

  • Jacob Atzen 2 weeks ago

    Mi dad works at siemens

  • Frida Trolle 2 weeks ago

    such poor research….

  • OHSI SQUISHYS 2 weeks ago

    Dansk squad??

  • god damn 2 weeks ago

    Some of the facts are fake.. (i'm danish) And where's the facts from? But still most of the facts where right (: