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Travel in Japan!? Where should you visit? Where should you go in one week? What are the top 3 places in Japan? What’s the best way to have your morning ruined?
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– Oedo Onsen, Tokyo

– Shimanami Kaido Cycle Route

Question list:
1) What’s the first thing we should do in Tokyo?
2) What’s your favorite thing to do alone in Japan?
3) Where do you recommend on a 1-2 week schedule?
4) Have you ever felt intimidated in Japan?
5) Will you eat me?
6) Would you fight a hundred duck sized horses, or a horse sized duck?
7) If you had a baby with a Japanese women what would you call it
8) What’s the most memorable place you’ve visited in Japan?
9) What’s the most underrated place in Japan?
10) What are cinemas in Japan like?
11) What’s your favorite place in Japan?
12) What’s Japanese transport like?
13) Got any tips on things to do in Tokyo?
14) What are the top three places to visit in Japan?
15) How come sometimes you’re shaved differently in different parts of the video?


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  • bingaz85 9 months ago

    that yougotubeyourself comment had me in stitches. rofl.

  • Lordjackothy 9 months ago

    Holy shit, got approached twice in the space of minutes in shinjuku near Toho cinema for deals on drinks, they were extremely persistent, glad I pissed them off for 5 minutes just chatting pure bs how I'm 'fifteen'

  • Rebecka B 9 months ago

    Why didnt u recommend Japan Railway Pass?

  • Razo30000 9 months ago

    Totally agree with you about Osaka, its such a fun and exciting city but always gets overlooked by Kyoto. Apart from this video I've never heard anyone else suggest Osaka which is a real shame. My favourite hotel in Osaka is the New Japan Capsule Hotel Cabana. Its right near Dotenbori and the Ebisu bridge where everyone spends most of their time anyway 🙂 first and best experience in a capsule hotel.

  • Paul Gallon 9 months ago

    Any good tips for good quality family friendly affordable hotels in Tokyo?

  • giantred 9 months ago

    As you seem to have gone over "The Rainbow Bridge" I must ask, what is Asgard like?

  • E Man 9 months ago

    Any recommendations on how to get portable internet while traveling Japan?

  • Rafa Cauich 9 months ago

    Mexico City is bigger

  • Yung Lyfe 9 months ago

    I'm going to Tokyo from Oklahoma USA in April what should I do I need to learn the language

  • AsiaTravelGuy Japan 9 months ago

    Hey man, I love your videos! I was wondering if you'd like an intro done for your videos. I honestly love what you do and if it's cool with you, I can make a nice intro for your videos.

    Thanks man and keep the vids coming!

  • Shaun Heath 9 months ago

    Could you do a video or send me a message about the top places to do and see in Japan in a two week trip? Me and my cousin are looking to go next year, and we're not 100% sure where to go in the two weeks we're there

  • JoJo Pingu 9 months ago

    Can one enter the oedo onsen with tattoos?

  • Rory Shields 9 months ago

    Have you ever travelled up in Hokkaido? I once visited Hakodate and it was amazing!

  • Leah Judd 9 months ago

    When wandering around a city, do you think wearing heelies to cover more ground would cause any trouble?

  • GoldenTV3 9 months ago

    has anyone really been far as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

  • PCShogun 9 months ago

    I see you studied the ancient Japanese art of 'Flower arranging'…… study harder 🙁

  • James Harmer 9 months ago

    I've heard you can't visit an onsen if you have tattoos… is this true?!

  • Barbell Wizard 9 months ago

    has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to so look more like?

  • Benny 9 months ago

    I like how some of the people who say the things you say are wrong, have probably never even been to Japan or only watch a few anime shows. A message to those people: This man LIVES in Japan, he will know much more than you.

  • Jorge Escobar 9 months ago

    Any tips for wrestling Fans and punk and skinhead music venues or bars

  • Brennan Bugbee 9 months ago

    I don't know why I like watching these videos

  • Dale Brook 9 months ago

    Does anyone else think that this geezer looks and sounds a little bit like Simon from 'the inbetweeners' (UK version of course)

    No hate man haha, love your vids and you're actually funny, which is actually a huge compliment coming from me, as most people annoy the fuck out of me and I don't find them funny. Especially southern fairys. Love from the grim north of England

  • Listless Donkey 9 months ago

    Osaka is where my heart is. Best city in the world! Way less stuck up than Tokyo.

  • Not so desperate 9 months ago

    You said one of your favourite places is Osaka yet you didn't recommend going there for the 7-day trip and even chose Hiroshima instead… Awww Jack