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Here are some stories that my travel buddies experienced throughout their journeys in South America. Some can be petty crimes, some can get pretty dangerous.


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  • Yul Gomez 11 months ago

    Hey mayling they dont target asians in south america lol. Its ok if they call you chino but if they call you chino cochino its not so good.

  • Juan Carlos 11 months ago

    living in south america is dangerous you know

  • rule of thumb:
    Criminals usually target sole women so if you're a woman travel with a man! (or stay at home)
    If you're a man try to look dangerous and you'll be fine.

  • zadose 11 months ago

    I thank anime/manga/webtoons for existing cause if it wasn't for that, I would've never gotten interested or bothered to learn about Japan or South Korea…. I'd probably still be one of those Americans that think everyone is Chinese or think all Asian languages sound the same. But it doesn't! lol. AND I'M HALF FILIPINA!

  • Ramiro Estevez 11 months ago

    I guess you're right since I have a group of friends who are completely batshit crazy on Kpop and one of them even speaks Japanese, and yet when we call out Kpop singers (specialty in a flirty way) we say Chino regardless.

  • Sara Trejo 11 months ago

    It's like calling Latin Americans Mexican or Middle Eastern people Indian.

  • Juan Carlos 11 months ago

    in reaity they don't assault you because you look asan, and they think asians are poor. except for japanese, there are entire gangs dedicated to robbing foreigners in south america, but they must be unperceptible.

  • Real Trip 11 months ago

    Nice video and cool channel! I'm a novice travel blogger, please support my channel with your subscription. I already subbed yours)) Cheers!

  • Marijn van Laerhoven 11 months ago

    Chino or not, I love your vibe. Thank you for sharing!

  • FireNeptune98 11 months ago

    No wonder asian models in Instagram only travel to Asia, Us and Europe XD

  • Fernweh 11 months ago

    Great Video! Subscribed and liked to support your channel! We travel around the world and have a video blog with more than 60 videos! Maybe you want to support us a bit as well? Cheers Andre & Ramona

  • Broncos Nation 11 months ago

    Any mexican knows that open markets are hella unsafe lol

  • Alex C 11 months ago

    Amazing stories! Thank you for sharing with us!I been to South America and lived for few years. Like anything else you have to be careful! It is dangerous there's no other way to say it mildly! If you don't get robbed you might get run over by cars..! Did you travel alone? I'm guy I had very close moments when I was in Lima- Perú! I was eating at one of those "Chifas" in Calle Japon in Chinatown and robbers came in with guns! Lucky I was near the washroom. I ran inside with my friend plus the cooks and we locked our self inside! There were shots fired lucky no one died! The restaurant was a mess and people were injured! I asked the cook if this happens a lot. He told me is not unusual here and they aren't scare of cops either! I think you were very lucky! Crime is out of control in SA! Lots of pick pockets! They target anyone, specially tourist so never dress like one! LOL, I know what you mean when locals call us "Chino, Chino" but sometimes it also means respect! Because many "Chinos" are also very successful and wealthy! Many are self employed too! Thanks for sharing your adventure in SA! Do you make any videos while you were in SA? You're a very gutsy girl full of adventure! (:

  • Arduous Ant 11 months ago

    This is an awesome video, 😀 Im definatly subbing, i will try to visit your channel regularly from now on 😀 if you can do visit my channel! That would be awesome!! 😀 Until next time and keep up the great videos! Peace

  • Haha, it's like calling Canadians (U.S. of Americans), Argentinians Brazilians, Iranians Turks or Italians Spanish etc:D

  • Daniel B 11 months ago

    Hola China!