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We had heard Berlin was a city bursting with art and music and we were very excited to spend some time there. Here is our list of our favorite activities to do in the city.

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The following are the best 25 things to do in Berlin, Germany presented in our latest city top attractions travel guide:

25 Things to do in Berlin

1) Visit Berlin Wall – The East Side Gallery
2) Brandenburg Gate
3) Tiergarten
4) MauerPark Flohmarkt (MauerPark Flea Market)
5) Friedrichshain
6) Currywurst
7) Reichstag building
8) Tempelhof
9) Berlin’s Museum Island
10) Holocaust Memorial – the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe
11) Charlottenburg Palace
12) Checkpoint Charlie
13) Alexanderplatz – The Berlin TV Tower
14) Ritter Sport
15) Berlin Cathedral
16) Currywurst Museum
17) Rent a bike and go riding
18) River spree boat tour
19) Eat a Wurst sausage
20) Friedrichshain Flohmarkt (flea market)
21) Eat a German Breakfast
22) Cat Cafe (Pee Pees Katzen Cafe)
23) Schnitzel and Spaetzle
24) U-bahn and S-bahn metro system
25) Turkish Food

The East Side Gallery is the longest remaining strip of the of the former dividing wall between East and West Berlin. Today the 1.3 kilometer long wall stands as a memorial to freedom and it is covered in art and graffiti. Right now we’re visiting Brandenburg Gate. This gate dates back to the 18th Century. We’re here at Tiergarten, one of the biggest parks in the city. MauerPark is a hipster hangout. If you head over to the Bear Pit you can catch some karaoke and musical performances. If you want to spot some cool street art, then head over to Friedrichshain. You can’t come to Berlin and not eat a Currywurst! This is the city’s most popular fast food snack. The sausage is served with a ketchup and curry powder concoction. Up next we’re at the Reichstag building which has a pretty cool glass dome on top. This dome is actually open to visitors and it offers 360 degree views of the city. Today we’re visiting Tempelhof, a re-purposed airport here in Berlin for leisure activities and sports. If you enjoy museums and art galleries you’ll want to visit Berlin’s Museum Island. They actually have five different museums here and if you get a daily pass for 18 Euros you get access to all five. We are now visiting the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin. It is also known as the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. Charlottenburg Palace is the largest palace in Berlin and the only surviving royal residence in the city. Checkpoint Charlie was one of the crossing points between East Berlin and West Berlin during the Cold War. Located near Alexanderplatz, The Berlin TV Tower offers a great lookout over the city. Chocolate! Ritter Sport is a chocolate brand that is sold all over Germany, and while in Berlin we couldn’t resist sampling a few of the different varieties. Berlin Cathedral is located on Museum Island and it’s one of the most beautiful churches in the city. If Currywurst is to your liking, you’ll want to check out this quirky museum devoted to Berlin’s favorite sausage. Renting a bike is a great way to get around the city. Most places will rent out bikes at 10 Euros per day. For a leisurely afternoon, hop on a boat and enjoy a tour down the River Spree. Of course, you cannot come to Berlin and not eat a Wurst or a sausage. The Friedrichshain flea market takes place every Sunday and it’s a great place for people watching and a little browsing. The Germans sure know how to enjoy a hearty breakfast, and we recommend you try it too.
We couldn’t resist visiting yet another cat cafe while we were in Berlin.
While in Berlin we enjoyed a hearty meal of Schnitzel. It’s quite easy to get around Berlin using the U-bahn and S-bahn system. In Berlin, there is a big Turkish population and that means there is awesome Turkish street food. And that’s Berlin for you! A city that has risen from the ashes of the war, which is now bursting with art, music, and life.

Have you been to Berlin? We’d love to hear your favourite things about the city in the comments below.

This is part of our Travel in Germany series. We’re making a series of videos showcasing German culture, German arts, German foods, German religion and German people.

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  • Travel the world With Ray 4 months ago

    I can't wait to go to Berlin you guys iv booked my flights today and a hotel to stay in in the city centre

  • David 4 months ago

    Wie der typ döner sagt😂

  • flitsertheo 4 months ago

    Did someone mention the Stasi museum ? Also worth a visit :

  • Thiaguinho Oitodois 4 months ago

    What's the obsession with looking at graphitti? Holy fuck

  • Alex Irimia 4 months ago

    It's weird you guys didn't say anything about Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. I think it's an iconic Berlin landmark

  • Farhin S Kabir 4 months ago

    Doner? =))))

  • Aldrich Batista 4 months ago

    My flights is tonight and i cant wait 😁😁

  • Lyndon Nixon 4 months ago

    It's ridiculous that you recommend to "eat Schnitzel" in Berlin. Unlike Döner Kebap or Currywurst, schnitzel has nothing to do with Berlin and anyone wanting the authentic experience is advised to eat it when in VIENNA. (I have lived in Berlin and now live in Vienna so I do know what I am talking about)

  • Hossin hossini 4 months ago

    berlin ist scheiße richtig schlecht mann muss ubergeben

  • Sandro Qobalia 4 months ago

    nothing said about nightlife

  • Robert the Bruce 4 months ago

    Curry worst, so the story goes, was thought up by a British Army NCO after the war because the meat tasted terrible.

  • Frankie Paolo 4 months ago

    great guide guys

  • Felix Colditz 4 months ago

    I love Berlin

  • Explore the World 4 months ago

    The city is a little bit rough, but I like it.

  • Mateo Nichols 4 months ago

    what's the chocolate called again?

  • GetTpOrDIE 4 months ago

    There are lots of nazis there. Be safe…

  • Didnt visit zoo? Shame on you.

  • Dundee Utd fan 4 months ago

    im going on sunday