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48 Hours in Jordan: Petra, the Dead Sea, and Falafel

A trip to Jordan is on every traveler’s bucket list – as it should be!

We got lucky enough to visit a little bit of the country during a weekend recently – we literally spent 48 hours in Jordan – but we have so much more to see in Jordan and can’t wait to go back to see more of it.

From the beautiful wonder of the world Petra to Amman’s most famous falafel joint, through Wadis and the Dead Sea, here’s our full guide to 48 Hours in Jordan.

48 Hours in Jordan | Day 1: Petra and Amman
As you guys know, we both work full time, so we had to adapt this itinerary to fit in exactly 48 hours – from Thursday evening after work to Sunday morning back to work.

We left the office and headed straight to DXB Airport, where we boarded the Royal Jordanian flight at 9.30 direction Amman.

Arrived in Jordan at 11.40pm, we picked up SIM Cards as we planned to drive and we needed directions at all times (and to post Insta Stories, let’s be honest).

Grab a SIM card at the Zain stand by the Starbucks when you land, it’s cheap, easy and reliable 4G!

Once done, we swang by Sixt to pick up our rental car and got going – no time to waste!

If you’re confident in your driving skills, we really recommend you to do this. The roads are well lit and safe, and the drive is just short of 3 hours, so make sure to drink plenty of coffee and prepare your best road trip hits!

Once we arrived in Petra, we had a couple hours to get a snooze (in the car, but there’s also a Movenpick right by the entrance of Petra if you feel like taking a longer sleep!).

The best tip we can give you, however, is to be right there at 6am at the opening of Petra. Be the first there, and avoid the crowd of tourists coming later in the day. This is really the best piece of advice we’ve received, and we reeeeally recommend you do the same!

Once in Petra, we started the short 2km walk to the Treasury.

The Treasury is the iconic facade you imagine when thinking about Petra. That feeling when you see it appear at a corner is incredible – especially if the sun is just rising!

We hung around the Treasury for a little bit, but shortly began our hike towards the Monastery, which is the highest point in Petra.

Walking through Petra made us realise how little knowledge we had about it – who built Petra? When was it build? What IS IT?

After a quick Google search (oops), we continued on our way to the Monastery, stopping here and there to drink tea with our new best friend Rosa, and buy a couple things on the rise of the road.

Once we arrived to the top, what a sight this was! The Monastery was absolutely empty, so again, make sure to be the first up there – really worth walking a little bit faster (though please don’t use the donkeys!!!).

Tip: Get to Petra at the opening at 6am!

After drinking a coffee and sharing a few moments in the calm with the cutest stray dog, we decided to explore around and finally, head back down.

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  • Timur Eldegez 1 year ago

    please add your trips months and dates on the discription section as well thank youuuuuu

  • Elegant 1 year ago

    Petra built by old tribes of Arab called Anbatt Empire before Islam .. there’re another city belongs to Petra in Saudi Arabia called Al Hajar which means the rock in Mada’en Saleh

  • Basit Abbasi 1 year ago

    love your videos – very interesting to watch – it’s never dull moment ! keep on the good work 👍

  • Mike's Road Trip 1 year ago

    So amazing to experience that place with no people! What day of the week was it? I wondering if some days of the week are less crowded than others. FYI, you may want to check out and share your experiences there as well.

  • Can Buzlutepe 1 year ago

    Hey! Amazing 🙂 Happy to see your new World travel series , bon voyage ! with love from Istanbul

  • Ghina XD 1 year ago

    How much money u needed for that thing in the wadi?

  • Mega Mite 1 year ago

    Iam from jordan and i loveee your videos guys!!!

  • amina arib 1 year ago

    I hope one day i will go to Jordan it's an amazing country😍😍😍

  • amina arib 1 year ago

    Come to Algeria it's sooo beautiful 🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿

  • Grant Sherrill 1 year ago

    Do you need vaccinations for Jordan? How about your trip to Istanbul?

  • Ignacio Fuentes 1 year ago

    No people but dogs? 🙂 2:06. Love your videos!

  • TheGreatCaptin 1 year ago

    Great Video guys!! Jordan looks incredible indeed! Petra was built by the ancient Arab Nabataeans who inhabited the region thousands upon thousands of years ago!

  • Total Fail 1 year ago

    Guys, I made a video of challenges, watch

  • Eyad Hashisho 1 year ago

    Best like go again to jordan

  • Eyad Hashisho 1 year ago

    i am Jordanian and Jordanian people loves Americans and jordan is proud to have Americans in the country thanks for visiting

  • Osama 1 year ago

    I like your vlog , am from petra and i proud for this vlog

  • Syed Adnan 1 year ago

    It's weird (in a nice way) to hear an American using the metric system

  • Colin 1 year ago

    I've always wanted to go to Petra