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A brief overview of my trip through southeast Asia. Summer of 2015 I went on a trip to Southeast Asia with no plan of what I was going to do once I got there. This video attempts to document some of that trip. Enjoy!

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  • I'm planning to do the same as you, travel Asia for 4 weeks…. how much money do u think I need? Or more or less, how much did I spend estimated?

  • Elle Levi 11 months ago

    Awesome video!! I am trying to place a trip to asia 🙂

  • Children of the wild 11 months ago

    Hi! just watched your video. I really liked it. I would be
    so happy, if you check out my travel channel in germany! Greetings!

  • Dani Pawlo 11 months ago

    Great video 🙂 Cheers from Ljubljana Slovenia

  • Savannah duran 11 months ago

    this has got to be one of my favourite travel videos, it was absolutely amazing.

  • Beneluxflights 11 months ago

    Which backpack/ carry-on did you use ? (at the beginning of the video.)

  • Vanz Lorica 11 months ago

    Japan is not a southeast asian country, It's an east asian country. But I like the video.

  • Mira Eisma 11 months ago

    pls. Visit El Nido and Coron, Palawan..sure you'll be amazed!:-)

  • chunkymancan12 11 months ago

    What did you use to film??

  • Happy channel 11 months ago

    go to indonesia please

  • India Nicholson 11 months ago

    im guessing you watch Casey Neistat bahahaha

  • Stephanie Tupas 11 months ago

    i envy how much u have travelled. ur eyes shows benevolence. all the best cal! i can be your friend 🙂

  • Steelix Kidchin 11 months ago


  • papadoc711 11 months ago

    Don't bring drugs into Singapore, or offend religion.

  • insalamina 11 months ago

    OMG 18? I wish I had a chance like you do

  • NOELLA YARU 11 months ago

    Great video ! What camera are you using ?

  • Radya Ichwandiputra 11 months ago

    why didn't you visit Indonesia? And btw Australia and Japan are not South east asia

  • Ronnie James Harkness 11 months ago

    You either didn't tag this video properly or there's such an abundance of travel videos that a well edited and shot video like this gets obscured.

  • Ivan Travels 11 months ago

    My friends and I got pretty sick in Burma 😂

  • ShivamSinha 11 months ago

    Great videos!

  • Tiara RaNa 11 months ago

    Great videography, good storytelling 🙂👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 maybe make the title more Youtube search friendly. Just a suggestion

  • Camilo Jaramillo 11 months ago

    Am the guy that did the checkout of your apartment in Buenos Aires. Just wanted to say your work is great. Quality over-flow! Keep working hard 🙌🏻

  • MsLemons12 11 months ago

    Is your dad billy ray cyrus?