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Here are 5 reasons I’d like to travel to Myanmar after missing it off my trip to Asia this year. Part of the #CathaytoYangon competition to win flights to Yangon with Cathay Pacific.

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  • Deoram Umraow 9 months ago

    Lol! The most Friendliest people in Asia you miss the part where they lock Rohingya women and children in there homes and burned them alive.

  • Jakob Strömberg 9 months ago

    I have lived in Yangon, I grew up there

  • Start End 9 months ago

    Thank you for the beautiful video..

  • Joy Alba 9 months ago

    The floating gardens. I would love to study the floating gardens. So did you go? Did you like it? 🙂

  • Travel Asia 9 months ago

    i went there

  • Mg. San 9 months ago

    so, how have you been? did you make it to Myanmar…? btw, your vidoe looks awesome……

  • Yamin Inzali 9 months ago

    You say Burmese words really well! Can't wait for another video after you visited there.