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Where to go, what to do and what to see during a one week visit to Shandong Northern China. Highlights the temple of Confucius and the Sacred Forest in Qufu, Tai Shan (Mount Tai,) East Gate Park in Tai’an, the waterfront in Qingdao and Lao Shan (Mount Lao.)

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My trip to China was sponsored by the Shandong Tourism Board, all views and opinions are my own.

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  • Queeners Windsor 9 months ago

    Hello, I'm a student from Shandong. I love Shandong very much😂. Shandong is so beautiful in your video. Your video makes me miss my hometown so much😂

  • TheQUBANQT 9 months ago

    It looks brilliant but I'm really not interested in traveling to China. Of all the asian countries Japan is the one i'd be interested in visiting the most followed by Korea.

  • 杜語鈴 9 months ago

    Will you travel in Taiwan and talk about tourist spot in Taiwan?

  • Taylor Aylett 9 months ago

    Hey, how long have you been doing travel vlogs for? I've only recently checked out your videos but they're awesome! You look like you've been doing this for years! I hope you enjoy your travels, because I love watching them! Happy travels xx

  • Megan Dillon 9 months ago

    I just recently went to Shanghai, Chongqing, and Hong Kong! I love China and can't wait to go back! I fell in love with how different the culture is and the food of course. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing Lindsay!

  • Claudio Rivera 9 months ago

    Binged watched all the videos. So awesome can't wait for next video!😀😀

  • Falha na Rota 9 months ago

    Your channel is amazing, you were brave to do it. Good travels in this new year and aloha! 😀

  • jbiz1234 9 months ago

    Lindsey! How can I msg you? I'm thinking of doing a global trip

  • DaCatMatt 9 months ago

    Ahhh that's so awesome! I can't wait to go there myself, Xie Xie for the video and now i'm going to watch the rest of them XD

  • kelsang kyab 9 months ago

    my family went there last year, they said it was a awesome place