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15 January 2017 – Day 65 – Nha Trang Mud Baths

Arrived in Nha Trang and of course… it’s RAINING!! This rain is following me everywhere!!!

So what do two AUSSIES do when it’s raining??.. MUD BATHS!! First time experience and it’s actually quite pleasant!!

Perfect things to do on a cold rainy day!! Come get MUDDY with us!!

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  • RUHappyATM 1 year ago

    Fugggggggg. That's Martin sheen!

  • zhubox03 1 year ago

    You don't look like a typical Vietnamese , but you can pass as one because Vietnamese has diversity looks. The northern viet looks like chinese and the southern look south east asian

  • Kane may 1 year ago

    "Is that a weird porno? " God I laughed my ass off

  • iphoukwani 1 year ago

    game so strong lol

  • Sang L. 1 year ago

    You found a cute girl to hang out with.
    See, sometimes it is better to be single with no attachments.
    You have more freedom to be spontaneous, go with the flow, and see where life takes you.

  • make half german half filo babies tomorrow