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Planning a trip to Europe? These are the most common mistakes that people make when planning their Eurotrip. I’ve traveled Europe quite a bit so I’m telling you the things to do and not to do when it comes to a vacation in Europe.

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How to Use Your Phone While Traveling Europe:
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  • Mytri mytri 2 years ago

    How about July and August to Europe ?

  • Chris Davila 2 years ago

    Thank you so much for posting very useful information. I just have a couple of questions, I am currently deployed in a mission in Africa and can go for around 15 days (less taking into consideration my traveling days), so I want to do a Euro trip. My ideals places to visit were London, Amsterdam, Paris, Switzerland and if possible Italy, depending on the time an money, by train. Which of these countries would you recommend having in mind that Amsterdam is a must for me? Also, I have august and January available to do so, would you recommend January?

  • verobloom9 2 years ago

    I'll be there end of June, london, paris and madrid.. what are the essentials to pack? Especially shoes! I don't want to look touristy, but want to be comfortable (am a plis size gal as well lol)Any helpful tips would be greatly appreciated:)
    Thank you!

  • Adam Ramirez 2 years ago

    how much more is required to pack if i were to go in the winter with my GF? were hoping to not have to check in bags.

  • Incognito 2 years ago

    Any tips for traveling Europe in the summer?

  • Anshul Varshney 2 years ago

    oh man I should have watched it before preparing my trip.
    Have done all the things opposite
    planned my trip in summers
    planned my trip in major cities ..
    haha liked and subscribed

  • Taylor Talks 2 years ago

    What's the weather like in October! Does it rain much?

  • Iresh Rie Dacian 2 years ago

    Also, this is my first time watching your video. Pretty impressive. I'm now a subscriber! 🙂

  • Iresh Rie Dacian 2 years ago

    I can soooooo relate with #6. The travel buddy. More on expectation on the night life. Hahahaha. It's like, usually, I'm a stay at home person but hey! we're in other country, why don't we try the nightlife they have, right? Hahahaha.

  • donald bamford 2 years ago

    Do I need a transformer to work with my curling iron and cpap along with the outlet converter? Thank you

  • abhisek maji 2 years ago

    Me and my friend planning for a bagpack euro trip on february.we are planning to visit 3.Amsterdam 4.rome ll do couchsurfing and will spend as minimum as possible.our budget is around 3600 €(including visa ,air fare etc ,we are travelling from india).tell me is it enough or we ll need more budget!thanks..any suggestion is heartily wecomed..!

  • Sarah Ortega 2 years ago

    Hey! Is your eBook still available? I would love to get some tips for saving!
    Thanks ♥️

  • Ross Murray 2 years ago

    People travel across Europe in a short period (such as Contiki) because money is a limiting factor and they're trying to get a taste and a feel of as many countries and cultures as possible (FYI conversion rates aren't always great if you're not from USA you know). if money wasn't an issue for anyone, id find it hard to find someone who wouldn't take an eternity seeing every corner of the continent.

  • yordan yordanov 2 years ago

    I love it in the summer!!!!!!

  • Lulwa Foudah 2 years ago

    I really don't like Paris but I will travel to Geneva Chamonix and Vevey