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Welcome to Acoustic Paradiso on Andertons TV.

Mick and Pete checks out the Faith Nomad Mini guitars. The Mini Saturn and the Mini Neptune Mahogany.

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  • Danny pickering 7 months ago

    tried the Taylor GS mini and liked it but after seeing it was laminated and the Faith nomad are solid wood I'm kinda leaning towards the nomad. Has anyone played both and which did you prefer??

  • Device Squad 7 months ago

    Great review guys. I'm looking forward to reviewing one.

  • Wilson Zhang 7 months ago

    They sounds even more beautiful that taylor baby.Nice work!

  • Karl Craddock 7 months ago

    could watch you guys for hours, great guitar review!

  • Kanata Kaneki 7 months ago

    What's the difference between a mini and a parlor?

  • Matt Steemson 7 months ago

    I've travelled and flown all over the world with my Baby Taylor and have never had any problems carrying it on. Even on small 8 seater planes!

  • Sir Artorias 7 months ago

    Your guys' guitar playing in this video is so good. Keep on doing what you're doing! Great stuff.

  • Arnav Behari 7 months ago

    Has anyone ever seen them play Barr chords on the acoustic guitars??

  • Grantburgh1 7 months ago

    I may be able to work our the chords but can someone tell me the scales pllleeaasseee

  • Grantburgh1 7 months ago

    That intro is MAH JAMMM

  • Paul Carnie 7 months ago

    outrageously good intro gents. I agree with the comment below – you guys should do a tour.

  • Angus Young 7 months ago

    Another wonderful, wonderful video. Great playing, great characters.

  • david hearne 7 months ago

    I am sure that if you guys were to peg dental floss to a piece of cardboard , you would make it sing. Good Job as usual . !!

  • akwamarsunzal 7 months ago

    Taking your precious guitar on a budget airline… Book a seat for it! 😉 I have taken my acoustic on flights with it's own seat, for less than paying haulage AND it always gets a window seat! 😉

  • johnny jazz 7 months ago

    Danish Pete is God. Write this in the London subway 🙂

  • crzybtch1000 7 months ago

    brilliant video enjoyed it alot that part pete played at about 2:12 was awesome

  • Timpraetor 7 months ago

    Hopefully, you guys will attack the new Epiphone Masterbuilt Archtops when they come in later this month …

  • James Berryhill 7 months ago

    Can you guys compare a j45 and d18?

  • Christopher Flores 7 months ago

    The end was wonderful.

  • the ending jam sound so much like sweet child o' mine acoustic

  • Guilherme Almeida 7 months ago

    I'm a huge fan of Mick's playing

  • CameronGlynn 7 months ago

    What was the non Pete dude playin at around the 15 ?

  • ckjjclan 7 months ago

    I could listen to the two of you jam for hours… great video!