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DHS ends protections for disaster immigrants.

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  • richie s 11 months ago

    Another Gump failure

  • NeonsStyle 11 months ago

    Why is the US continuing to punish Cuba for the cuban missile crisis 50 years after? When is enough enough? I'm Australian, living at home, and this whole deal with you and Cuba is just Bullying. Don't you have laws against that? Seems not when it comes to countries. I say .|.. to the USA!

  • Dna Constructions 11 months ago


  • Muzzzlim homo imposter nobama opened embassies and kissed the ass of communist woodoo cuba.

  • I love Cuban sandwiches

  • Animated Tigress 11 months ago

    Trump rolling back progress one ban at a time…

  • Tucker The Nazi Terrorist 11 months ago

    YAY ! VLAD WINS AGAIN – With a little bit of "compromata", a little bit of "Electronic Noise weapon" the US has been sent packing from the CUBA – leaving the country wide open for the Russians to take over – All thanks to the most brilliant Mr Doturd Tramp

  • David thomas 11 months ago

    Until Cuba is absorbed by America and a government is overthrown they should be kept in isolation

  • Reinaldo Padilla 11 months ago

    don't let those mulatto voodoo to America, they destroyed my white people in Cuba with their satanic voodoo, Fidel Castro was a Babylonian Talmud fakes Jews, mason secret society who send all of the South America drug to United States, send all of the white people to Africa to be murder and brought back all the young Islamic brother with the excuse of free education and better live, lies to destroy God children white with mass immigration, wake up white men it nothing but a spiritual warfare, psychological warfare, economy warfare, they are the serpent seed blood line for that reason they are the genius, like Christopher Columbus, queen Elizabeth, Rockefeller, Bush, Bill gates, Leonard da Vinci, Allan Greenspan, Bernanke, Madeline obright, on.on.on.on.on, be wise as serpent, Jesus Christ warned us about these half serpent half human,