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American candy at Target…I’m freaking out because there’s too much American candy shopping we can do at Target. Loved shopping at Target and expect many American candy taste tests!
Hope you enjoy this American candy travel vlog but DON’T click the following link: (you just might be stuck with me by subscribing)
If you’re on a roll here’s a travel vlog with the most touristy day in San Francisco:

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  • tripleheshy 2 years ago

    America actually is cheap…just not in the big cities like San Fransisco.

  • Jennifer Salvate 2 years ago

    I saw you decided to get Cap'n Crunch..lolLove that kind, but it will tear the roof of your mouth up!!

  • Jennifer Salvate 2 years ago

    You were in San Francisco. Merchandise is much more expensive.

  • private private 2 years ago

    Youtube somehow randomly recommend this video and it was very entertaining seeing how excited you were about all things SF. This is my city and pretty much every place you visited were places I take for granted everyday. Hope you come visit again!

  • Raska Dzanic Begic 2 years ago

    I Love American candy so good! 👌🏻

  • Todd Smith 2 years ago

    San Francisco is not cheap. The South and Midwest is much cheaper. Also, you were in a city store. They are more expensive than the regular stores!

  • Kids Kids 2 years ago

    when I was three we always went there In California

  • Kids Kids 2 years ago

    I 😍 inside out side 🍔

  • Kids Kids 2 years ago

    your right America is not cheap

  • FoodNPause 2 years ago

    Haha ik zou net hetzelfde zijn in de target! 🙂 En spijt hebben dat ik niet een nog grotere koffer mee heb 🙂 Because all that food is heaveeeen!! Die burrittos Ö Can this be even bigger?! xD

  • Amylein 2 years ago

    Nooo! You didn't show us the Sephora. I was waiting for that 🙁

  • WΔY ΔWΔY 2 years ago

    Glad you are liking my country so much lol IHOP. pahaha
    I am traveling Europe for a year and am in Croatia right now.
    Any suggestions? We are headed to Bosnia next.:)

  • maite maite 2 years ago

    No! You don't want to live at Target! You are going to live at iHop. Duh. ;-D
    Like the vlog!

  • yakub ahmed 2 years ago

    your so funny in shopping mall sleeping too cute of u n u specking to see u my heart feel amazing

  • Pankaj Malik 2 years ago

    how much Converse shoes for $ ?

  • oneroarmouse 2 years ago

    When you return: Parmesan and Pizza-flavoured Goldfish crackers. Keebler original Fudge Sticks, Burt's Bees kokum butter lip balm(stick).Boxed candy("theater box"): Raisinets,Snowcaps. I was pointing at the mini-cereal set😆. Glad you snagged it. Everything should be a Target and Walgreen's.

  • Xaviera & Cherissa 2 years ago

    Jeeejj Allstars! Van al m'n schoenen draag ik die bijna elke dag! Ik heb witte en zwarte, draag de zwarte meer. Als een van de 2 stuk gaat koop ik sowieso een nieuw paar!

  • Michelle Tamara 2 years ago

    Editing on point girl!!

  • alteredillusions100 2 years ago

    Back to iHop lol. So you like my country? I live in Los ANgeles but went to San Fran last month my favorite area is haight ashbury . Did you visit Lombard Street? or Walmart? American candy for your nieces 🙂 OMG Coco !

  • robin van spronsen 2 years ago

    If hou ever get the chance, please go to Chicago.. One of my favorites together with San Fran 💕

  • Jaspreet Thind 2 years ago

    Hey I'm from the napa valley! I recommend Castello di Amorosa winery!

  • bodineeh 2 years ago

    American candy is bae ❤ I think my favourite is everything with reeses peanut butter 😋 now the question is did all that candy fit in your suitcase 😜

  • Mr 8917 2 years ago

    there must be lots of food trucks try those,,,,,