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Conner Sullivan explores in Shanghai, China! (Travel Vlog, Day 1)

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  • Conner Sullivan 1 year ago

    Never thought I would end up in Shanghai! Cool City – More Travel Vlogs coming soon! Follow on IG for real time updates: @itsconnersully

  • Clash with Henriqque 1 year ago

    I really love china please make more china vlogs

  • Zheng Zhang 1 year ago

    hope you have been used to wechat pay and everything in China

  • Zheng Zhang 1 year ago

    you actually saw quail on skewers

  • Marc Duchamp 1 year ago

    This is what I remembered Shanghai 20 years ago still the same

  • Arun Kumar 1 year ago

    i just heard Jason Bourne theme song in your blog

  • OutTheMouse ! 1 year ago

    Really interesting and well done. Love the history commentary too. You should do more of this kind of videos.

  • Cao Bằng - Quê hương tôi ! 1 year ago

    Hi, your channel makes a lot of sense. I have supported you and will always support you. We look forward to the sincere, long-term cooperation to grow together. Give you a number: 217…N

  • Jayden LIN 1 year ago

    Actually we use WeChat to do anything you can imagien. Taking the subway or bus, paying at anywhere, order food deliver, renting a e-bike, order Taxi (like uber), and anything…..

  • kishio Fu 1 year ago

    That is traditional Chinese food,' Ci fan tuan '(rice roll).not sushi😊( あれは寿司ではありません。)

  • nancy zhang 1 year ago

    Your tour guide is so nice …

  • ding dao 1 year ago


  • Rupak kafle 1 year ago

    I hope Nepal will become like China. Lots of love from Nepal.