Added by on May 25, 2017

I wore an abaya in Saudi Arabia for about two weeks while I was on tour there playing jazz. The band I was traveling with were guests of the US Embassy and Consulates to promote cultural diplomacy through the arts. I talked to a camera a little bit every day about my experiences there, here’s what happened…

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  • Fisher Briggs 2 years ago

    Why is she constantly testing the limits of the Saudi culture? If she is hurt, then it will be completely her fault.

  • rawan gh 2 years ago

    thankyou for sharing mariela! we as saudi women are really thankful for your approach and acknowledgement since we are forced to wear it, sad that because you arent white you're treated differently because we see white women gets to wear open abayas without covering their heads and no one would talk to them

  • Abdul rahman 951478 2 years ago

    please make sure that you act righteously and dress up modestly while you are in the kingdom of islam

  • ak01021 2 years ago

    -please respect the culture as wee do when wee are in America . i never were my thob there

  • جامع الجزية 2 years ago

    Those Americans come to our country to make money , which they will be paid more than what they would in their country …it's funny how they complain about the rules…if you don't like it here get the fuck out …you complain about Muslims in your country …There 35k Americans work here … gotta respect the opportunities we gave you and the culture.