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Its our first day out and about in Morocco. We explore the Fes Medina which is the largest Medina in all of Morocco and enjoy our first moroccan meal. Taste Moroccan food with us in the Fes Medina for an authentic Morocco experience.

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Lush by Dyalla
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Dolica tripod

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  • cassisframboise 6 months ago

    Au Maroc on mange avec du pain non à la fourchette 😂😂👏

  • tito fa 6 months ago

    مرحبا بكم في المغرب بلد الشرف و التقاليد welcome from Morocco 😍

  • wiik wiiuk 6 months ago

    You are welcome in morocco

  • hakim youri 6 months ago

    10:20 😠👎👣🙊

  • Queen Mery 6 months ago

    omg i'm canadian and i go to morocco

  • Amin Khtiar 6 months ago

    The price is right it's what we pay our selfs as locals hope you have enjoyed ure stay and come back very soon

  • ALLAHOUMMA hdina 6 months ago

    Morocco is a very beautiful country
    God bless Morocco

  • amal kadiri 6 months ago

    The culture that Morocco has the USA does not have it.

  • yassine essbaa 6 months ago

    I liked the stream… thank you lovely couple!

  • Homer Ellis 6 months ago

    Why Americans want to go to mostly muslim country

  • Youssef Tazrout 6 months ago

    Morocco 😍😍😍😍

  • Aisha’s World 6 months ago

    They thought that couscous was too much😂 If we made it at home we would make soo much😂 and it would taste exactly like the restaurant😂 btw love the video and hope you enjoy the rest of ur visit of Morocco❤️

  • Aisha’s World 6 months ago

    Omg she stepped on the musla in the room! You aren’t supposed to step on it with ur shoes because that’s where us Muslim pray! Btw this isn’t a hate comment I’m just saying because it kinda bothered me

  • gaurav kumar 6 months ago

    Come to india sir you'll find good prizes

  • TonyMichaelLee TML Avant Garde Artist Painter 6 months ago

    There, food is perfect.
    We have GMO McDonalds.

  • Idrissi Ahmed 6 months ago

    Bienvenu dans votre pays le Maroc.

  • aarif gangat 6 months ago

    I hit my little bell every day…..

  • Hassan Aitbaoui 6 months ago

    She is just laughing 😂
    Did she eat something?

  • Hassan Aitbaoui 6 months ago

    How did you find it

  • سعيد هال 6 months ago

    Welcome to marrakech

  • Momoz Borelli 6 months ago

    Awesome people especially my imazighen brothers are the best same language same culture chaoui+rif = same people coming back soon Nadour

  • moroccan 6 months ago


  • MiDo njari 6 months ago


  • lost Khalid 6 months ago

    Welcome to Morocco

  • tjkooks 6 months ago

    What time of the year you guys made your trip?

  • Im glad you guys enjoyed your experience in Morocco , but north africa is diferent than the rest of africa , the image people have about africa is tge subsaharian africa witch mean the black africa , north africa is berber and arabuc dominant people plus dome european influences

  • Learn arabo 6 months ago

    everyone is wlcm in morocco

  • Yahya MF 6 months ago

    Welcome to Morocco, who wants to come to Morocco welcome to my home, u can visit me,