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Food and travel writer Anita Zaror walks TV presenter Chris Brown around Santiago, Chile’s capital. (Part 1/2) | Follow Anita’s travels at | Check out the show at

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  • アニバルGalsifer 1 year ago

    jajjaja salio dao vuelta de la piojera.. 😀

  • Chile entretención VIP 1 year ago

    A very good video, I am now living in Chile United States of Colorado City

  • My Travel Vlog 1 year ago

    That Pub looks a little bit rough .

  • CRÍTICO DO MUNDO 1 year ago


  • jenny ferr 1 year ago

    the lice house XD

  • Mario Antonio Crespo 1 year ago

    How tall is this guy?

  • Mario Antonio Crespo 1 year ago

    Wow this guy tower over me. I am 5'4 in height!

  • Juan esponda 1 year ago

    "La Venga" hahahahahaha

  • Benjamín 1 year ago

    weon le hicieron tomar le terremoto al seco ql

  • Gonzalo Canivilo 1 year ago

    ewww guatitas

  • pvme pvme 1 year ago

    guatitas como plato típico chileno? en serio?

  • PauloSNES 1 year ago

    JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJ Miren como quieren igualar eal Perú

  • Pame M 1 year ago

    I'm starting to think that I'm not chilean… I don't like aji, don't like guatitas and I definitely don't like Terremoto :C

  • marta arroyo garcía 1 year ago

    "Because you look like barbie's boyfriend" Jajaja. Es que es un Ken total! Totally adorable!❤️

  • Kalupz 1 year ago

    "1:38" To Chili ? Seriously ?

  • marcelo ignacio 1 year ago

    the way of this women speak inglish only make me fell bad that person is part  of the parasites of our country chile have a serius desease 

  • Lord Matt 1 year ago

    La "VENGA" xd 

  • FF5963 1 year ago

    too much for my ears and eyes, ugly, noisy woman

  • bmac adody 1 year ago

    I want to go to Chile!!

  • Joaquin Reyes 1 year ago

    Se tomó el terremoto al secooooo