Added by on December 4, 2017

My second youtube videoooo!!

My father and I went on a ten-day trip to four different countries in Asia, and I filmed it all.

We basically spent two days in each country, and the rest were travel days.

Our first stop was Vietnam, then we went to Taiwan, after that we visited China, and our last stop was South Korea.

Unfortunately our trip had to come to an end, and by the tenth day we found ourselves on an airplane heading home.

I insisted on documenting our time there so I wouldn’t forget a thing, ever.

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  • Corey Battersby 10 months ago

    What a fantastic film Yasmin 😄❤️ Very good storytelling and the visuals were beautiful! If ya interested in watching travel films I got some on my channel but anyway keep up the brilliant work!!! Never stop creating 😌 Much love from Australia 🇦🇺💕✨

  • Jool Farraj 10 months ago


  • Rose Bud 10 months ago

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