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A uplifting musical documentary about travelling in southeast Asia.

Camera & Edit : Markku Laine
Travellers : Borna Ramstedt & Markku Laine
Music : XX – intro

– Third Eye Productions –
www . thirdeye . fi

Travel route : Sri Lanka – Thailand – Cambodia – Vietnam – India – Nepal


China Travel


Asia, Documentary, Travel

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  • vimal bhojwani 1 week ago

    great vid dude!

  • Danielle Abbott 1 week ago

    Not a good documentary to show a class.

  • Niraj Patel 1 week ago

    Amazing video bud 👍🏻

  • The Real Art of Sports 1 week ago

    great edit !

  • Kyle Le Dot Net 1 week ago

    GReat video mate, make more travel vid. I enjoy watching your vids. +Markku Laine 

  • sydznl 1 week ago

    Which area are the snowy mountains/sand dunes at?

  • Alfred Kho 1 week ago

    nipal and china?

  • venceralf llorente 1 week ago

    brcoz i see some similarity to  my country?

  • venceralf llorente 1 week ago

    is it include the philippines ?

  • Michelle Ruiz 1 week ago

    Beautiful! Love This.

  • Metaplayer 1 week ago

    This is how you travel, absolutely unforgettable!

    I used to go backpacking when I was younger. I now have a son and videos like this will be incredibly inspiring when the time comes to introduce him to the world.