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Asia travel film 2018 – a travel film by Jake Rich.
Thoughts on quitting your job and travelling Asia? I quit my job 2 years ago to take on a lifetime of travel. It’s been a rollercoaster to say the least but this travel film hopefully pays homage to the skills I’ve learnt along the way…

How often are you faced with a situation that makes you feel uncomfortable? In front of you are three envelopes, each revealing a different piece of information about a journey you could embark on, would you say YES? Would you board the flight? Recently my friends at Contiki did just that and within 48 I was sleeping in a jungle raft in Thailand embarking on their 16 day Contiki Asian Adventure exploring Thailand, Laos & Cambodia.

The trip was nothing short of amazing and offered an exciting balance of culture and adventure. We were graced with an opportunity to feed, care for and bath rescued elephants at the Saiyok Elephant Sanctuary, giving back to a beautiful herd of previously abused elephants. We sailed along the Mekong River on a slow boat, reaching Laos and explored some of the most pristine natural waterfalls in Thailand & Laos whilst participating in a local arms giving ceremony sharing food with the local Luang Prabang community of buddist monks. The journey ended in Siem Reap literally getting lost in ancient tombs at the Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom temple village, fulfilling a lust of adventure and meeting a group of travellers who were once strangers and now mates!

If you’re interested in booking this exact tour, check out the next available dates and full itinerary here:

opening track: Luke Atencio – Long Distance
final track: Cospe – Of The Sun
Additional footage & sound fx thanks to Story Blocks.


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