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A short road trip video from Adelaide to Darwin from parched Uluru and other footage from equally interesting places in the heart of Australia.

Oodnadatta Track 350km
Kings Canyon Loop 250km
Total 4400 km
14 camps
20 Cities and Towns

Johnny Rock Mr Happy
Mario Mara
Sleeps in a Little Later
Then he expected to
Lady Hawke a Love Song
Johnny Rock Learn It
Johnny Rock Across The Sky

GoPro 3+
Canon 60D
DJI Phantom 3

Final Cut Pro X
GoPro Studio
Adobe Photoshop CC

petrholoubek photography 2016

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  • MarlinOz 1 year ago

    is it allow to fly a drone in uluru?

  • heffone1 1 year ago

    wow a true work of art amazing.

  • soflo23 1 year ago

    Wow. You did a really good job on this video. Very impressive. Where in Australia did you guys go? Any recommendations? My wife and I are going in May. We would like to do the whole Sydeny, rugby, tourist thing, but would also like to do some nature stuff. Was the drive fun?

  • Steve Klimentos 1 year ago

    Incredible footage .It really shows how vast Australia is.I hope you loved what you saw and please keep these videos coming

  • T Ryan 1 year ago

    Awesome video. Thanks for sharing. Exceptional short visual document on the Australian centre. You certainly have a knack. I thought you showcased the expanses beautifully and captured teh spiritual aspect of Uluru very well. The approach to the rock and its circumference from the drone was particularly stark. Great visuals. You note above in your description, that Uluru was "parched". I was wondering when watching, if you had photoshopped the greenery around Uluru.? It looks that way given how lush you film it. Rarely see that blue, green and red contrast so strong naturally. Perhaps it rained…

  • Petr Erben 1 year ago

    hodne dobre video , muzu se zeptat v jake obdobi ste absolvovali tuto cestu?