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Today I flew my drone around Stockholm and saw so much beautiful Autumn foliage! Also I went to the Vasa museum and Drottningholm Palace!
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  • Felian Maefair Anne Pocong 11 months ago

    hey it would be nice to come for once atleast i guess. i saw it so nice to experience

  • Ludvig S 11 months ago

    Those bikes aren't locked. They have locks attached to their back wheels.

  • Ukelele Unicorn 11 months ago

    H&M is Swedish Evan 😂

  • Anniina Korpela 11 months ago

    The Vasa museum is so cool! I went there for a class trip from Finland

  • Earth+ 11 months ago

    This is awesome!! When was this filmed??

  • ParleVousTekno 11 months ago


  • this is not aaliyah 11 months ago

    this video gives me extreme wanderlust! Stockholm is the second place I want to go in my lifetime (besides London) and this video was one of the reasons why 😀

  • Mikayla Kristene 11 months ago

    Just stumbled upon your channel, awesome vlog! I stayed in that exact room when I was in Stockholm and since the laundry facilities were packed in the main part of the hostel the receptionist told me to use the sauna to dry my clothes 😂

  • Venlaaah 11 months ago

    Stockholm is so nice town, and since I live in finland I have been to stocholm at least 20 times 😀 Mut I have taken a plane to stockholm like only 2 times when I was under 5 yo and all other times we have taken a nightship. (Leaves from Turku at ~8 pm and arrives to Stockholm at ~6 am.) I don't know why I don't take the plane since the flight is only about 30min-1 hour. The only reason I go to stockholm is so that I can go to sephora (And starbucks, we have it only in Helsinki in Finland but I don't live there… Sucks). We don't have sephora in Finland…

  • Mary Nida 11 months ago

    The 479th brick is the better one

  • Oskar Andersson 11 months ago

    Hi im from sweden and "Djurgården" basicly means "the animalfarm"

  • ganiisness 11 months ago

    I mean we lock the bikes…

  • sofia grace 11 months ago


  • laura claire 11 months ago

    why do evan's drone shots just make me feel at peace