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Travel from Jakarta, Indonesia to North Sumatra and dive into the culture and traditions of Batak. Back in Southeast Asia and starting the Indonesia travel vlog series! Follow the trip in realtime on Instagram:
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Travel from San Francisco to Jakarta, Indonesia! Then onto Sumatra (also known as Sumatera).

Located in North Sumatera province, Toba Lake is the world’s largest volcanic lake. Here is the birthland of Batak, one of Indonesia’s indigenous people.

We learned about Batak cultures and tradition at TB Silalahi Center and Batak Museum, which are next to each other at the south shores of the incredible Toba Lake.

This is part of Trip of Wonders 2017 hosted by Ministry of Tourism Indonesia.
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  • Ista Devinda 2 years ago

    I from indonesia🙌🙌

  • edi kemput 2 years ago

    12:00, thats true, almost all indonesian have different accent in speak bahasa indonesia. you can trace ethinicity by the accent. javanese, slow n quite but very bold and very bass. sundanese, slow, flowing, treble no bass sound and cannot say F and V, like, FANTA sundanese said "PANTA" and VESPA, said PESPA, batak very fast and loud just like angry people shouting and yelling.

  • Yogi Suckseed 2 years ago

    Your channel needs more recognize, you're fun

  • Maureen Gumusmakas 2 years ago

    Did you find your laptop?

  • Bronchon Purba 2 years ago

    Horas..thank you for sharing your wonderful trip to my homeland. your next visit please invite me…cheers from oz.. looking forward for the next video..

  • The Mason Twins 2 years ago

    this was amazing!! needs to be our next vacation omg

  • Mat Montana 2 years ago

    A Mixture of Traveltrouble, basic Vocabulary (Saya Lapar is the most important XD…) Food and deep Thoughts. Thank you Mrs. TJLee 🙂

  • Yo Master 2 years ago

    Your maybe the first youtuber who replies the MOST 👍👍👍😍😍😍😘😘😘 BTW TO DIE FOR CUTIE

  • Terence Lim 2 years ago

    Horas Girl…'re living the life. Love watching you grow😍👍😘❤️

  • Amur Suleiman 2 years ago

    You welcome all time I wish one day meet u

  • MISIAiKICIA 2 years ago


  • Larry Von Zemmrich 2 years ago

    Great Vlog TJ 👍🍷👍🍷

  • Laugh Travel Eat 2 years ago

    Love the dancing – the Batak fabric looks soooo pretty! I hope your laptop somehow makes its way back to you and kudos on putting this together without it!

  • MsJessaE 2 years ago

    Man I havent watched your videos in a hot minute! I love the last bit of motivation there near the end. I hope you get your lappy.
    PS. I was deciding where to go for my bday in October, hence, why my youtube brain lead me to your channel 💕

  • Im PaenGo 2 years ago

    love the place, the food and of course this awesome lady speaking. MORE VLOG PLSSSSS…

  • แดนนี่ ดั้มส้ 2 years ago

    Awesome video vlog as usual 👍🏻 loved it.

  • 9tiin 2 years ago

    That was beautiful. Love your personality, Tj.

  • Andy AVM 2 years ago

    I LIVE IN JAKARTA ! Do u wanna hangout?