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In this video I explored North East India, starting from Guwahati, Shillong, Cherrapunji (Sohra) and Double Decker Living Roots Bridge! It was a spontaneous Backpacking trip and amazing fun! Hope you enjoy the video.

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  • Ilura Gogoi 7 months ago

    Capital of Shillong is Meghalaya not capital of Meghalaya is Shillong you spoke wrong

  • Jimmy Hope 7 months ago

    Kul adventure!

  • sahil jain 7 months ago

    So many people are inspired and motivated my mountain trekker but no one ever gives him the credit.

  • Swapnesh Mangaonkar 7 months ago

    Wow….. Tanya. Once again you have nailed it. You are so good in keeping the connect with us that while watching that it feels as if we are also travelling along with you. The way you have used the sounds of the rains, the water gushing , the insects, the forest is really awesome.. that makes the vlog so much more better. Loved It!

  • Simply loving the nature 7 months ago

    Wow… How long will u be in shillong?

  • Ramanandh Chintu 7 months ago

    new subscriber

  • sachin upadhaya 7 months ago

    I have seen all your blogs, Really you are doing an amazing job, Well I am from Baijnath (Near to Bir Billing), Whenever you will visit next time To bir just don't miss Barot valley which you will actually like a lot.

  • Abhishek Acharya 7 months ago

    This Vlog Gives me an immense amount of inspiration, hope and happiness 😀 more power to you #attagirl

  • Anshul Awasthi 7 months ago

    Wow!! Originality at its best…. Your video editing is getting better and better…
    Thanks for the entertainment.
    Good luck!

  • Priyanka Bhattacharya 7 months ago

    Tanya..u r a rock star.u so inspire me girl…i have a slip disc, spondylosis, coccyx fracture..yet i aspire to be a travel 😀vlogger like ..xoxo

  • dead heart 7 months ago

    Didi plz think about Japan…it's very beautiful …specially countryside of Japan and not any indian vlogger did it before ….I want to go there but I am not employed and have any financial support to do it so I will plan it in 2021 till then I will do any job ..and save some money …plz think about it ..

  • ashish gurung 7 months ago

    Please Do Visit Darjeeling Someday🙂

  • sumit ghosal 7 months ago

    I really appreciate your effort for explaining every thing in details and so simply. Though you missed Nohkalikai waterfall, it was a beauty. It would have been more exciting to see the Daiñthlen Falls. I went in winter and there was not much water. You could have find it beautiful as it is almost rainy season.
    You are doing a great job. #KeepBlogging 👍

  • Susmita Mondal 7 months ago

    Ur videos are really amazing n inspiring.. Please make a video on Bhutan explore.. Thank You 😇

  • Arahan Raichand 7 months ago

    This is such a mind blowing experience 😍😍❤️❤️. Tanya you’ve such a creative mind. Your editing skills and how to shoot the video, you know very well 😍😍. Amazingly superb job👏👏👏.
    And, i think you phased many unexpected moments on this trip😜😜. Right?
    Literally, you did awesome 👏 ❤️❤️

  • Souvik Aich 7 months ago

    Tanya di was there too much cold during daytime?

  • Curiosity Wanderer 7 months ago

    I am a budding vlogger, and I just loved the way you summarized everything. I have been following your Vlogging journey for quite a time now and your learning curve is way too inspiring 🙂

    Keep it up! Live the adventure! Keep Wandering!

  • Sagar Ranga 7 months ago

    ohhhhkk. .marry me 😅😅

  • Do visit Darjeeling

  • Dhanachandra kh 7 months ago

    Hi Tanya…Any plan for coming to Manipur

  • Buddha Dey 7 months ago

    Thank for visiting.

  • muffler gamer 7 months ago

    Having a date today.. nailed it.. 😀

  • vinay joshi 7 months ago

    My favorite part starts from 0.00 to and ends at 15.44

  • Navneet Shyam Dhandale 7 months ago


  • Arif Mazumder 7 months ago

    Amazing vlog 👍
    Time laps was awesome, look forward to see more. Good luck with your trip ☺

  • APOK jamir 7 months ago

    Great video👌🏼… btw can you please tell the rate of that homestay near double decker bridge 😅

  • Amir Rehan 7 months ago

    Police Bazar. Woah!

  • Amir Rehan 7 months ago

    Tanya, welcome to Northeast India. <3
    Your vlogs are certainly top notch.

    Northeast Squad.