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In this travel documentary we take a wild and rough journey through India while just having a backpack. We start our journey through beautiful back waters of Kerala and go north as the summer heat catches on. We explore the ancient sites of Hampi, jump on India’s Train and much more. This journey consists of highs like beautiful landscape of Rishikesh and lows like getting food sick in India and Racism in India.

Down below are time stamps to help you navigate though the documentary.

Trivandrum, Kerala – 00:47 , Alappuzha, Kerala – 03:42 , Kochi, Kerala – 05:36 , Goa – 13:10 , Hampi – 16:00 , Hyderabad – 26:04 , Kolkata, West Bengal – 30:11 , Darjeeling, West Bengal – 33:39 , Varanasi Uttar Pradesh – 38:11, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand – 43:25 , Racism In India – 54:42 , Jaipur, Rajasthan – 58:18 , Agra, Uttar Pradesh – 01:05:05 , Delhi – 01:07:28

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Gear used :
Sony a6300 , Rode VMGO , Sony 18-105 and more

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a film by : Mo Alamin

P.S – When I visited Kerala gods own country it was very beautiful with great people specially in Kochi but right now Kerala is suffering from one of the worst floods in its history. Please donate to kerala flood 2018 –

I couldn’t find any legit link to help India’s environment destruction due to plastic but please stop abusing plastic use. Cheers

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  • Steven Ho 1 year ago

    This is awesome!

  • Knight Of Dawn Don By Night 1 year ago

    1. Security apparatus of a secular state does not operate based on assumptions, but rather based on statistics. Security apparatus can not infiltrate into one's mind to know he or she was brought up in a wealthier nation away from their country of birth or speaks better English or he or she has just honest intentions. It is not possible for intelligence agencies to gather personal information about an International tourist. So they have to rely on statistics and perform routine security checks when it concerns a tourist holding passport with a country in India's neighborhood having porous and sometimes flared up border with India and having sociopolitical unrest, terrorism menace etc within its territory. Illegal economic migration from Bangladesh is a big issue in India, still a poor country but possessing major industries and infrastructure and offering job opportunities. On the contrary, Indians can not pole vault into Qatar. They have to fly in by plane so legality is kind of assured. If a legal Indian immigrant commits a crime in Qatar, he can not flee to a country in Qatar's neighborhood expecting locals and relatives to provide refuge to him. A legal bangladeshi immingrant to India can flee to Bangladesh using porous(geographically treacherous and hence often unmanagable) land border after committing a crime in India, no matter whichever country he flies into India from. I am sure Qatar allows legal immigrants after due security checks and keeps a tab on various occasions if those immigrants are from certain countries. In some access controlled Indian expressways, bikers are not allowed and the police took such decision based on statistics that some bikers speed up and show off stunts leading to accidents which can get worse on high speed expressways. This is not racism against all bikers, many of whom drive according to the law. It is a preventive security check.

    There is clear instruction on the lower rung Indian hotels to provide information on all foreign clients. If a Bangladeshi passport holder is found to be staying with them, they are compulsorily instructed to provide a recent passport sized photograph along with photocopy of details page of passport to the local police authority so they can verify and keep tab on their locations in India. This security check is based on statistics of huge number of travelers with BD passport disappearing at some point after landing in India (they just mix in with the Indian population and forged documents and sometimes bribed to get citizenship documents to land a job in India without a valid work permit). There is no such instruction regarding BD passport holders staying with upper tier or luxury hotels in India as common sense dictates that an affluent Bangladeshi needs not find employment in unorganised blue collar job sector in India.
    After a recent terrorist attack at a restaurant in BD's Dhaka, Bangladeshi authorities decided not to allow international tourists stay with hotels below 4 star ones for security reasons, thus keeping backpackers looking for cheap accomodations away. Why don't you take this as class discrimination?
    Your analogy of calling random Indian migrant in Qatar could make some sense if statistics showed a discernibly large number of indian migrants committing rapes in Qatar or fleeing India after committing rapes in India.

    2. Qatar does not have such porous land border with countries like Bangladesh and being wealthier, it can afford to better manage its borders. Still, how many syrian immigrants have Qatar provided refuge to after the the breakout of ISIS in Syria? Zero. Do you not find racism in that? India has provided refuge to tens of millions of BD refugees historically especially during war in Bangladesh, and a large number of illegal bangladeshi immigrants still live in India. It is worth remembering that India is an overpopulated country with scanty resources compared to oil rich arab countries with sparse population which encourage economic immigration from developing countries for cheap labor inter alia many other aspects of human resources.
    Still Qatar till a few years ago did not provide citizenship to naturalised legal immigrants or citizenship by birth. One had to be born to Qatari nationals to get a citizenship. Even though the law has changed recently, there is hardly any instance of Qatar following that in reality. But if a legal immigrant lives in India for 11 years, he can apply for citizenship and generally gets it.
    Just like India, Qatar does not provide visa on arrival or visafree arrival to many countries and thus provides preferential treatment based on nationality to certain international tourists regarding entry to Qatar. Such decisions are not based on ASSUMPTION, but based on STATISTICS of ground economic and security realities. Why dont you take offense and brand it as racism?

    3. Your sour experience while interacting with locals is born out of your ignorance of the culture of the Indian subcontinent. Brown people of India possess different shades of skin and some are more intensely pigmented than you. The word "black" is not a racial abuse in India as the color is associated with certain revered deities in India's majority religion. Indian rural people find white people to be exotic (as they do not get to see white people as much and also because of historical reasons) but they do not call somebody black to discriminate because many of Indians have intensely pigmented skin themselves. In India, different skin shades can be butt of jokes and Indian people take that sportingly as it is limited to jokes only. Even Indians of darker shades may crack jokes about their own skin color or any other paler skin color.

    The fact that you have facial features typical of regions of Indian subcontinent coupled with their observation that you speak English and possess an Indian skin tone and absence of stoic build in your physicality that they associate with Africans or people of african origin made the curious and unpolished masses (these people are not well traveled, some are not educated or worse are illiterate and they are very simple and generally do not hold back any word but that does not imply they would discriminate you on that ground) assume that you were not a foreigner and an Indian, may be a guide or an aquaintance of the tourists who they thought was hanging out with people from abroad which can happen many a time. Same would have happened in your country of birth, BD, where the masses would assume an Indian tourist accompanying white tourists to be one of their own. As the masses find white people exotic and provide some preferential treatment to them (preferential treatment on individual level is always discretionary and you and me can not change that or complain about that) it might feel odd to you as an international tourist of subcontinental descent but let me break it to you that an international tourist of indian descent will receive the same treatment from strangers in India. It is discrimination if they deny to sell something to you at the shop or deny providing basic amenities or stops you from entering some public place based on your nationality, religion or skin, otherwise not.

  • Verdure Verdure 1 year ago

    Nice, really helpful, thanks man !

  • Muneer Puri 1 year ago

    Its not a racism
    ..dey r taking for security reasons as terrorist imports from pakistan with the passage of bangladesh and illegal immigrants….and for kind of ur information our country is a secular country where muslim population is about 30 billions out of 130 billion population….hindu muslim sikh christans persian buddhism all live happily together

  • Summer Rain 1 year ago

    Very nice Documentary…Was this trip during summer 2018? I am asking because we want to take a trip to India during the summer, but worried about the monsoon.

  • Dusan Vladisavljevic 1 year ago

    Amazing video!

  • DaxSage 1 year ago

    gets snacks

  • Addy Moe 1 year ago

    FINALLY! i'm ready to watch this while i eat my shawarma <3

  • TbonesTech 1 year ago

    Fantastic Netflix needs to give this man a SHOW!