Added by on August 7, 2017

Amazing trip backpacking around Southeast Asia including Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore and Indonesia!!

Filmed with a GoPro Hero 4 and edited on Filmora.


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  • Fer Cerro 1 week ago

    Great video!! It reminds me of my trip to Asia.
    I subscribe to your channel. You can watch my videos on my channel.

  • Matt Shiffler 1 week ago

    sick video, what route did u take? i'll be doing a similar trip soon!

  • Wiber Official 1 week ago

    nice travel to asia

  • tsc93 1 week ago

    How much did it cost ?:) awesome video 🙂

  • wdhdude 1 week ago

    What song is that over the video? Top choice👌🏽

  • Fernweh 1 week ago

    Great inspiration, thank you! Subscribed and liked to support you! We
    travel around the world and take our camera everywhere. We have a
    videoblog with 60 Videos. We are still a small channel, so we would be
    really happy if you'd have a look and maybe support us as well. Thank
    you very much and all the best 🙂

  • Oxygen Team Media Production 1 week ago

    Nice video ! We've been to Laos and Vietnam recently, landscapes are very similar !

  • Finding Livingstone 1 week ago

    Great video! Looks like you hit some great spots on your trip! We missed Singapore and Indonesia on our trip but we will definitely have to check them out next time!

  • The Strongest Self 1 week ago

    Awesome video 🙂 Brings me back. I have made a backpacking video myself on my channel 🙂

  • adamthekid 1 week ago

    Clean! Take a look at my smoooth video, just done..

  • Karyne Corbeil 1 week ago

    Hi! Nice video. What program do you use?

  • Tom Ferguson 1 week ago

    Great video, love it 🙂

  • Elephant Elephant 1 week ago

    how much did you save for this adventure? I want to visit SE Asia for 8 weeks