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“Go behind the scenes at one of the greatest theme parks in the world. Employing 10,000 people, Universal Studios is a park that never sleeps. Find out what visitors don’t see, the secrets behind the illusions and a trick to avoid waiting in line. (2002, Travel Channel) “

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  • Andrew Fontanez 1 year ago

    I remember this show a long time ago it brings back so much memories I’m finally going back to Islands of Adventure in 3 months for Memorial Day weekend also going to Disney’s Animal Kingdom for “Pandora the World of Avatar”😃

  • Xr Ranger 1 year ago

    lot of work for the employees

  • Big T 1 year ago

    so in 2002 it only cost about 50 bucks for admission? damn I went about a week ago and it was 117 bucks plus 20 to park

  • FireBlast Studios 1 year ago

    30:24 another fact they got wrong. the drop is not vertical, it's 51 degrees.

  • FireBlast Studios 1 year ago

    29:16 he? Excuse me. All the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park are female.

  • Coaster Cinema 1 year ago

    Universal is my favorite resort destination on Earth.

  • Emily Luther 1 year ago

    My favorite place on earth!

  • jarred ross 1 year ago

    @2:21 Spiderman looks like spider armor from Spiderman 2000 for the ps1

  • Harry Shoemaker 1 year ago

    Nice to give some light on Nickelodeon Studios!

  • buzz lightyear 1 year ago

    cool classic stuff