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We recently backpacked through Asia and our last stop was in Bali, Indonesia.We let you know of things to do in Bali, Indonesia such as Waterbom Bali, Jimbaran Beach, rice terraces (Tegalalang and Jatiluwih), black sand beaches, hiking an active volcano
( Mt.Batur),natural hot springs,luwak coffee plantation (cat poop coffee),bali bird park, Tegenungan, GitGit and Twin waterfalls, sacred monkey forrest, ubud market, padong padong beach (where the movie eat,pray love was filmed) and more. We let you know our favorite and least favorite things we did in Bali. We also mention how to travel in Bali and what transportation to use such as scooters, taxis and personal drivers. We stayed at Pondok Anyar Inn and Villa Cilinaya. We hope you enjoyed our video and we were able to help you find thing to do in Bali. Thanks for watching and be sure to SUBSCRIBE!





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  • jackbadao 626 10 months ago

    YOu can find black sand beach in Hawaii.

  • Ayu Fatma 10 months ago

    Who's the driver?

  • Rommel Agepogu 10 months ago

    where did you get the tickets please advise?

  • joco2k 10 months ago

    The 3 of us, (my girlfriend and I and her 16 Y.O. daughter), spent about the same length of time in Bali last August and we spent about the same amount of USD, although we may not have made as many excursions as you 2 but all the hotels were very nice.
     We stayed in the Nusa Dua area, Lovina in the North, and Tulamben in the East with excursions out from each location.

    Generally speaking, the South third of Bali was too densely populated to my liking. Traffic was horrendous. We hired a private driver and car/van as few times for the day and yes, you have better control of your time and the cost was reasonable.

    I appreciate your honest commentary which should be useful to prospective travelers. 🙂
    I liked Bali so much that I'm considering making it my new ex-pat home.

  • worried a lot 10 months ago

    fabulous video thank you 🙂 really enjoyed it … I was just trying to plan a holiday in bali … but was struggling to find a clean white sand beach that wasnt hugely expensive .. think i will be re thinking were to go instead …. thank you 🙂

  • Arch van samson 10 months ago

    Looser always Negative thinking

  • Rolf Harris 10 months ago

    the street vendors are just a rip off in Bali what's the point of batering when they start with a rip off price that's 5 times a fair price and don't drop much. In bali they rip off tourists too much it tainted my experience.

  • awesome video with honest advice. thanks so much! saving money is important but like you said, making memories is timeless. thanks.

  • Ferment… Yeah, thats the wurrrrd. God bless Murrica.

  • Maud N 10 months ago

    I'm heading there in July…..17 days

  • rama rambo 10 months ago

    the true meaning of traveling is about the journey, you see different world but not to compare between countries, but to enjoy it whatever happen, feel the experience that touch your body and soul….if you not ready for that, better you stay at your home and sleep, rather than spending money but you didnt find what your looking for and spit what something already you swallow.Bali is still beautifull…..maybe not good enough for you

  • Berlia Annisa 10 months ago

    You have to go to flores island in indonesia

  • DeE dq 10 months ago

    lol i agree … i went to bali 5 yrs ago and i wasnt impressed at all … the place is too expensive n overated … wont be there again .. i would rather go thailand …

  • Bali Driver Kadek 10 months ago
  • Neda Salahshour 10 months ago

    Thanks for this. I cant seem to find the drivers details?

  • Aguafria 10 months ago

    I loved Bali a lot more than Thailand, but I was there to enjoy nature, and not the markets.
    I'd recommend anyone who watches this to take it several grains of salt. If you rent a motorbike you can drive around the whole of the Island (Like I did) in about 7 days, and one of the most beautiful sights was Amed, and the hot water springs. Yes, there is trash in some places (like the pointless dolphin watch in singaraja) but those are exceptions. Best memories I had were from the people, they are warm, very open and genuine; a lot nicer than people in other parts of Asia, but if you are not a seasoned traveler, nor street smart, you will get hassled and harangued by street merchants into buying things. Don't drink Arak no matter how many people tell you to try it, and stay away from the tourist areas.

  • Daryl SV 10 months ago

    your vlog is informative but i think it's better if you insert photos or videos on the side through out the vid. anyway thanks for this

  • Saskia Brandon 10 months ago

    Sounds like you guys didn´t do as much research as what was implied. Bali has much more to offer than the places in the south that you´ve mentioned. To say Waterbom Park is the best thing to experience in Bali is a very clear indication of this. Hopefully one day you guys will return to explore the real Bali and get to experience this island paradise in all its glory.

  • Bojtel Swe 10 months ago

    I had a totally different experience than you guys. I thought Bali was absolutly amazing! I didnt back pack though. I also avoided the touristy places as you should=)

  • Tugboat 10 months ago

    hey great fun video. Bali is cheap if your from Australia, we are going in January for $480 each inc 10 nights 4 star hotel and flights! good video still.

  • Nicholas Hewitt 10 months ago

    Hey there. im planning a trip next year in june. Quick question…..How does the money transfer work? Should i put money on a prepaid visa card and carry a little cash?

  • Tony & Dawn Wright 10 months ago

    Thanks for the vid. Hey when I first went to Bali, I hated it too and said I would never go back. Well I went back a few years later, loved it, and have now been there about 10 times. I think when I went back the second time, I knew what to expect, so this helped. I think the first time I was culture shocked, the people of Bali are some of the nicest people you could ever meet.

  • Poop Brain 10 months ago

    I'm planning on going to Bali. This was very helpful.

  • Tyler Naksown 10 months ago

    Hey guys, thanks a lot for all the great tips. They're very useful. By the way, I'm a Thai citizen living LA and I'm very happy to hear you had a great time in Thailand. I haven't been back in Thailand in 10+ years and planning a trip in February 2017. I'm going to Dubai but thought about Bali after. I've seen a lot of videos about Bali on here and it seemed a lot of people had fun and went to beautiful places, but they failed to mention all the cons that you've mentioned on your video. I really appreciate you giving info such as being charged to access the beach and waterfalls, parking and etc. It did seem like you had terrible time parasailing, which is one of my to do list in Bali. Can you tell me how you planned your trip to 6 different countries in 18 days with the budget that you have? You should definitely visit the beaches in Thailand when you go back. Make sure you hit Hua Hin, Phuket, Krabi, and Koh Phi Phi Island. They're all in the southern part of Thailand and no too far from each other. I haven't watched all of your vlog but can you tell me places you recommend based on activities, beauty and costs? Thanks a bunch in advance.

  • cisstar 10 months ago

    Where is the drivers info for Bali? I plan to do Bali and Thailand in Oct.

  • Dalia's Ambitions 10 months ago

    Love everything about your video. Keep it up.