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River rafting is an activity that everyone needs to do when they are in Ubud. At around 25 dollars this is the best bargain deal you can find on an attraction in Bali. The scenery was spectacular. Remember to wear shoes or sandals even though they might tell you you don’t need them. Bring sandals. Seriously. Afterwards my friends and I left Ubud and rented motorbikes in Seminyak and got a glimpse of what Bali beaches looks like. At night we randomly stumbled upon a nasi little shop and ate random but delicious Indonesian food.

Yesterday in Bali:
Ubud is Beautiful:
First Time in Bali:

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Original Music by Antti Luode.
Filmed with a Samsung S7 and Go Pro

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  • Nhan Dam 7 months ago

    The two girls in the back did not do anything with the oars.

  • periwinkleRin 7 months ago

    mentally beach guy…okaaay

  • Dashman Car 7 months ago

    9:53 sucks ma… LOL

  • arturo reyes 7 months ago

    think deeply you might drown hehehe

  • phamtoilon 7 months ago

    Great video Kyle, btw did you booked a multiple days tour trip in Vietnam or did you booked tours as you go in Indonesia?

  • Whiss Seyyy 7 months ago

    9:30 omg

  • Rick Belfield 7 months ago

    Looks like you were at echo beach near changgu if I'm not mistaken Kyle

  • Bac Si Dre 7 months ago

    Kyle is a whiney little Beach …

  • LimitlessFX 7 months ago

    I love how your videos are getting more and more funnier. Its awesome. Keep up the good work. Also do you get alot of food poisoning throughout your travels or even in Vietnam? Just curious cuz I notice Nina is always dealing with a stomach issue.

  • BearStar1 7 months ago

    Do YOU know what I hate ? A Video Blog that starts out with Someone SCREAMING in FACE !!!

  • solacium 7 months ago

    Hey Kyle, quick question: Are you wearing a G-Shock watch? Seeing you wear you a watch that can handle all that water and stuff is making me think I might invest in one for traveling!

  • Nelson Lee 7 months ago

    river rafting and you CAN'T swim?!? wow! I can't swim either and I don't think i'd try that. Why Nina cannot eat? Such a shame if travelling and can't sample the region's food.

  • Victoria Roth 7 months ago

    Kyle, you keep talking about one day leaving VN. I don't think you can ever come back to US and live a quiet life after all this traveling. People that live overseas have hard time come back to the State. It will never be the same. You should think seriously make VN your permanent home.

  • Cosmic Rock-N-Roll Cowboy 7 months ago

    Everything is great work that you do Kyle……

  • Dean Ly 7 months ago

    rapid level 3?

  • durian runtuh 7 months ago

    That river rafting looks super fun!

  • vinboi 7 months ago

    congrats on 60k!

  • celestine811 7 months ago

    Nice one Kyle. thank you.

  • First Last 7 months ago

    "Where's the prawn???!" Lol.

  • 60k subs !!!!!! congratz

  • Tyrone phornthip 7 months ago

    60k congrats mate

  • talesnine 7 months ago

    Congrats you hit 60k subscribers while I watched this video!!

  • FuBRO 7 months ago

    congrats on 60k subs kyle