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Our first full day in Bangkok! We took the tourist boat ( down the river and stopped at some markets and temples before getting vaccinated for our upcoming travels throughout the year!

We got our vaccinations at the Thai Travel Clinic in Bangkok: – it was $115 NZD each for a doctors consultation, hep A&B, typhoid, yellow fever and the japanese encephalitis vaccines. This is for our south east Asia trip and in preparation for South America later in the year!

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**Day 05 – 17/02/17 | Bangkok, Thailand, South East Asia**

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  • cwhite13 1 year ago

    I'm traveling to Thailand next month isn't it recommended that you get the vaccinations before you get there? I'm curious how your immunity works if you get the shots while you're there. thanks

  • LiveLifeInABox 1 year ago

    Hey guys, love your day in Bangkok! Hahaha, we are in Bangkok atm and your day reminds me of our day today- we didn't eat for hours and then had no idea what we ordered and ended up eating a meal that was mainly grisly meat!! We're planning to get vaccinations here too, seems like a better solution than paying lots in the UK where we're from. Hope you enjoyed the rest of Thailand, we subscribed and look forward to more from you guys

  • Alex Holderness 1 year ago

    Hi ! What jabs did you get? It's so expensive in the UK to get all the jabs I need but I'm scared to wait until I get to Bangkok. Please could you give me some more information, thank you! xx

  • Donna Hoyt 1 year ago

    Uh oh…vaccinations….ouch.!!! Love your New Zealand Accent…..btw. Your hair looks wonderful Jane for being on a road trip……quite stunning….
    you both look so at home traveling. Is this the first time you have done something like this?

  • Jeena Jones 1 year ago

    Theres some cool shots in this vid! Now I'm inspired to make more vlogs on my channel, thumbs up and subscribed!

  • Brittany Brown - A Social Bee 1 year ago

    Wow amazing video… it looks amazing there ! Xoxo. Wow❤️

  • Marina Bruno 1 year ago

    Loved this video! Very interesting… Check out mine! I have different vlogs 😁