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Taking on the Bank of America Travel Rewards Visa

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  • BORFU 2 years ago

    You have the card, so you will know more about this: I got an offer for this in the mail, but it was unclear if the points can be redeemed for regular purchases too, like for groceries. The brochure says the points can be redeemed for travel statement credits (flights, hotels, cruises, etc.), so I don't know if groceries fits in this. Did you use your card points for that before?

  • Mark Santucci 2 years ago

    Of  course  there are questions. Yeah  this is  a bank card  not  an loaded  American  Express card  it's  also  not  a 195.00 card.
    what  do you mean by loaded?

    when talking  about personal cards  why  do you think there  shouldn't  be a foreign transaction fee?
    I  think  all personal cards  should have  foreign trans action fees.  If you decide to leave the country then you should have to pay the fee other  wise  go to Chicago,  Philly,  Vegas,  Los Angeles ,  Miami,  Orlando,  Puerto Rico ect.

    Now  if your talking  about  a  small business card like  the Chase Ink ,  Capital1 sparks card  where you have to leave the country then  this is  a different situation,  Now  I  don't think  anybody should  have to pay foreign trans action fees?

    now  as we know there  is  no  2 point  per dollar  card with this bank.

    so for all kinds of purchases which card do you like better  Bank of America travel card or these

    Barclay's  arrival

    Chase Sapphire preferred 
    Citi bank  Thank you preferred
    Citi bank  Thank you premiere
    Capital1  Venture 1
    Capital1  Venture card?

    so  you find it easy to spend 1,000 in 90 days.  what about  not having  a  family  you by yourself yeh  I know birth days are  coming up. But  what  about  single  people  they  must have  troubles  getting  the sign bonus?  I  think travel cards  should have  a bonus category for  dining  and travel?

  • Agent_WestCoast A (Agent A) 2 years ago

    My favorite fixed rate card! You can also get more points per dollar if you shop in Bank of America's travel portal for flights/hotels/rental cars. On that travel portal you can get between 3% to 4.125% travel redemption cash back. A 2nd extra bonus is the BOA special deals. An additional 5% to 20% cash back for paying at specific restaurants in your area. I get $15 back a month from Special deals ($15 *12= $180 yearly).