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Hosted by Benjamin Zand, this episode of BBC’s The Travel Show aired in late 2015. Skip to 15:46 for the portion on Chengdu.

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  • 日穿钢板 1 week ago

    fire wall is an "invasion" of internet? it's more like a defensive measure. this so called professor is a joke.

  • Anwesha Kar 1 week ago

    You look interesting.

  • 张玉东 1 week ago

    Google,YouTube,Facebook,Twitter and etc 404 in China

  • 台灣省長蔡英文 1 week ago

    8:57 我喜欢你的心脏非常嗯,他有顺口溜是什么你的心脏的意思。= =+

  • yohannes asfha 1 week ago

    has the BBC journalist hidden agenda. I am confused that if he is BBC political commentator or BBC travel guide. BBC seems lost its flagship international news agency by sending this guy as a travel journalist.his elementary travel journalist shows in his comments about English language knowledge of the local ppl. does he know that not all ppl of the world speak English. or does he know that there are other languages except english? he supposes acknowledge local tradition and languages to the world as a travel journalist, not dictate his biased report of internet blockage in China.

  • Puyang Li 1 week ago


  • yicozao 1 week ago

    dude, the google translate hat to heart….233333, obviously, that girl is confused

  • 天朝良民 1 week ago

    my lord,most people of the world do not speak English

  • super star 1 week ago

    哈哈哈,you looks funny guy

  • Micheal Yu 1 week ago

    It is good for China there is so much biased information in YouTube and CNN, BBC. Western politicians control mass media and brain washed for hundred years and propoganda its so called value and want to overtake chinese regime and split China into pieces. When China control The world media we will open Free speech Just like westerner did

  • 44106556 1 week ago

    Not only the GFW but also the one country two system is protecting HK. The man at the start of the video is stupid and totally comment on the taste of western media.

  • Devin du Plessis 1 week ago

    His accent confused Google 😂

  • genericusername555 1 week ago

    5000, not 3000 years.