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Beautiful Places To See- Bernese Oberland, Switzerland

Sail boats roll and excursion steamers leave their wakes on the turquoise waters of Lakes Thun and Brienz. And on the shores, in tributary valleys and on sunny ledges, you’ll discover picturesque villages of richly decorated chalets and guest houses in what surely is the embodiment of Swiss-style comfort and serenity or Kleine Scheidegg, Schilthorn, Lauberhorn and Männlichen have skiing on top-flight downhill runs in the higher reaches of the Alps.
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  • Aely Inam 11 months ago

    Those lush green fields, those high snow peaks, the streams, the cattles and those gables, really a heavenly plc😘👍

  • Rox the Aphrodite 11 months ago

    I will be there one day!!!!💖💖💖💞💞💞💕💕💕💓💓❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😍👍😍👍👍👍

  • Jake Rosales 11 months ago

    I really want to go to this place!!! Sponsor me

  • KASHMIR 11 months ago

    Beautiful Video….Visit Kashmir, it`s amazing.

  • pyt2530 11 months ago

    Such a beautiful place, heaven on earth!!

  • Parvaiz Khatana 11 months ago

    Not much more beautiful as Kashmir.I think Kashmir is beautiful than this place.

  • ganga darai 11 months ago

    Heaven in earth👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😚😚😚

  • snow blue 11 months ago

    Like heaven on earth..

  • yourtube Fun n emotion 11 months ago

    come to my uttrakhand tehri garwal same as sweetzerland

  • Chandan Nandy 11 months ago

    I love swizwnlan

  • Ibetombi Haobam 11 months ago

    It's so similar to the heidi animation..its amazing how close to reality that animation is

  • Sabeer V 11 months ago


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  • i'm watching this behind my screen and i'm smiling and crying at the same time because it's beautiful and i have no money to go there 😭💔💔💔

  • bbb103 11 months ago

    At 1:45 the sound goes out.

  • Naseem Jan 11 months ago

    Very beatifull place i like it

  • Penny Estrella 11 months ago

    Amazingly beautiful place. I am so looking forward to visiting this.

  • Majad Khan 11 months ago

    Pakistan niran kaghan

  • الحمد لله 11 months ago

    سبحان الله رب العزه المصور العظيم والحمد لله على نعمه على عباده الجليل الكريم😍😍

  • ahmed hassi 11 months ago

    جنه الله في الارض

  • Roji seoal 11 months ago

    want to visit switzland with digital money.then check it out

  • محمد شكري 11 months ago

    سبحان الخالق

  • Full paagalpanthi 11 months ago

    most beautiful place in the world…..a real paradise on earth

  • Simply Bangladeshi 11 months ago

    The places are very beautiful. InshaAllah, I will go there if the Almighty Allah allows me.