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In this credit card review, I compare the Chase Sapphire Reserve, American Express (AMEX) Platinum, and the Bank of America Travel Rewards Credit Cards. These are the three best travel credit cards and the ones I carry in my wallet every day.

I use each credit card for different purposes, and unless you are an expert travel hacker, you probably don’t need all three of these travel cards, you need just the best card for you.

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American Express Platinum Charge/Credit Card Signup Link with 60,000 Bonus Points:

Chase Sapphire Reserve Credit Card Signup Link with 50,000 Bonus Points:

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// Bank of America Travel Rewards Credit Card Review

This card earns 3X points on all purchases, so you can pay a parking ticket, pay your rent (using see my referral link to get $500 back) or pay anything you want.

The points need to be redeemed for travel to get the max value, but if you’re like me and are a flight hacker, it should be a no brainer to spend these points.

There is a caveat. To be able to earn the 3X points, you need to have a $100,000 balance with Bank of America to qualify for their Bank of America Preferred Rewards Honors. This bumps the points redeemed from 1.5points per spend up to 2.625 points per dollar.

I use this Bank of America Travel Rewards Credit Card for my every day purchases that aren’t travel or dining, like purchases at CVS, Apple, etc.

If you don’t do a lot of Uber/dining out, this is your best travel credit card.

–Get Bank of America Credit Card Signup Link:

// American Express Platinum Charge/Credit Card Review

So the Amex Platinum Card is not technically a credit card, it’s actually a charge card, which means you can’t carry a balance on it at the end of the month. When it comes to credit card points and rewards I never recommend keeping a balance as the interest will always be higher than any point benefits, so the fact this is a charge card doesn’t matter to me.

Here’s what I love about the Amex Platinum:
– 5X points on airfare
– $200 Uber credit per year
– $200 airline credit per year
– $125 free Global Entry credit
– 1.5 points earned on purchases over $5000
– 35% point refund on AmexTravel
– Access to Centurion lounges +1 guest

The card does have a hefty $550 annual fee but the benefits listed above offset the cost for me and make it an awesome choice.

I use this card for any airfare purchase and my business purchases over $5000 for the 1.5 points earning.

The American Express Membership Rewards transfer partners are fantastic. My go to transfer is to Singapore Airlines so I get Suite Class and be able to fly in a private bed in the sky.

My next favorite is Air France where I get flights to Paris on business for 160,000 miles.

I’ve seen sign up bonuses for the Amex Platinum as high as 150,000 miles but typically it’s around the 100,000 range.

The best way to get accepted for an Amex Platinum is to get the Amex Gold and to use that card. After about 6 months to a year I started getting invites for Platinum.

–Get American Express Platinum Charge/Credit Card Signup Link:

// Chase Sapphire Reserve Credit Card Review

This is my favorite travel credit card and I think the best all around travel card for anyone.

The annual fee is $450 but it’s offset by these amazing features:

– 3X points on travel and dining
– $300 travel credit per year (usable on Uber/Lyft)
– $125 Global Entry credit
– 1.5 point redemption on Chase Travel

Earning 3X points when I dine out, which we do every week is one of the fastest way to rack up a ton of points.

Unlike Membership Rewards, the Chase points portal, Ultimate Rewards, allows you to transfer points to United, which has a ton of great travel partners.

To get the Chase Sapphire Reserve, the minimum balance on the card is $10,000, so to increase your chances of approval you want to make sure you have other credit lines open and active with balances greater than that. The best place to start is the Chase Sapphire Preferred which earns 2X on travel and dining and has just a $95 annual fee.

–Get Chase Sapphire Reserve Credit Card Signup Link:

// Best Credit Card for Cash Back

A card that I do not have in my wallet is the Uber Visa Card/Cashback Card that offers 4% cash back on dining, so look for a review from me on this card coming soon!

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