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See Morocco through my eyes as I travel across the country staying in AirBNB homes and meeting AMAZING people. Oh, and the wedding was superb!

The AirBNB in Casablanca

The AirBNB in Rabat

The AirBNB in Marrakesh

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  • sreenivas guntupally 11 months ago

    I am from India staying in Casablanca for work purpose.. Morocco is amazing country amazing people .. I love this country 🙂

  • Jouad Mohammed 11 months ago

    HI Can I use ur video to promote tourism and tours in Morocco? thanks

  • YES MEAN 11 months ago

    Chefchaouen was built by the andalusians who fleed the spanish torture when they took over Andalucia and kicked them out of it so those people (muslims and jews) expatriated to Morocco and the sultan decided to give them that piece of land where they could settle down. This is the main history and it was centuries ago before hitler or what so ever 🙂

  • amz Star 11 months ago

    Great vlog so informative and interesting I went here last year but found it a little draining especially in jema el fina xx


    Awesome video. Love your channel. Keep it going!

  • FullMoonPriestess 11 months ago

    Hi Katy meow!

  • Dadashka's World 11 months ago

    Nice Vlog! Seems like you had a great time. Hahah… I just visited Morocco recently and traveled all over. Check out my Vlog on Dadashka's World if you'd like.

  • off spring 11 months ago

    why u didn t visit my city?

  • MD bouzrour_Missaoui 11 months ago

    Niiiiiiice 😀

  • Camel Trekking Path 11 months ago

    Hello everyone , anyone interested on travelling to morocco ,please visit our website and we can organize the tours of your ,welcome to the sahara desert of morocco

  • Ade Curtis 11 months ago

    Thanks for sharing…. I think the atlas mountains are south of m'kesh and the range up north called the Rif.

  • Sahara Tarik 11 months ago

    welcome in excursions to discover the magic of Morocco