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Jordan ! Amazing , Friendly , Safe .

Enjoy a small clip from our one week trip to Jordan in october 2016.
Places we visited. Amma , Petra , Wadi Rum , Aqaba , Wadi Mujib , Dead Sea , Madaba , Jerash .

I highly recomend this trip , people are so amazingly friendly and welcome. Its easy to get around. Some fantastic scenery and landscapes , traditional food and street markets and obviously Petra .
We did some good hikes , camped in the desert of Wadi Rum , Canyoning in Wadi Mujib , Swimming in the Dead sea , exploring Amman and Jerash anchient ruins !

Thanks for watching !!

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  • Kyant T 1 year ago

    I am travelling to Jordan this early December and starting with a few nights stay in Amman, and looking to do some historical sightseeings, before moving to dead sea for few nights. Will be going to Petra from Amman… (1 day trip and possibly to combine to Wadi Rum). Did u use a local guide by your own when u were there, or you joined with other tourists? Who would you recommend?

  • Nasrul Sennin 1 year ago

    Just hope it don't gets destroyed by US-nato

  • Anna Png 1 year ago

    πολυ καλη δουλεια!! μπραβο σου!!σε 1 μηνα θα επισκεφθω ισραηλ κ ιορδανια (πετρα κ ακαμπα). ειναι ασφαλες για μια κοπελα μονη της να τριγυρναει εκει; επισης ηθελα να ρωτησω με τί πληρωνες; χρειαζεται να κανω συναλλαγμα ή δεχονται κ ευρω , οπως εχω ακουσει; σε ευχαριστω προκαταβολικα!!

  • Franciszek Skoryna 1 year ago

    Also Prometheus was shoot in Wadi Rum.

  • Franciszek Skoryna 1 year ago

    I remember Indiana Jones and the last cruzade, The Martian and Rogue One.