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Best places to visit in Denmark.
Famous places of Denmark.


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  • Steen Bronke 7 months ago

    They forgot to mention Bakken the world's oldest amusement park..

  • buisness destination 7 months ago !! WHY DENMARK IS THE HAPPIEST COUNTRY!!PEACE

  • End Wildlife Services'Needless Killing Of Wild Animals 7 months ago

    no mention of Denmark's prestigious fur farms, where 17 million mink were killed last year alone…..bring your cameras with you to watch the gassings…..if you can sneak in that is, this 'traditional' blight on Scandinavia is hidden from visitors.

  • Musically Tamil 7 months ago

    me too like to visit….!!!

  • Ragnar Erlandsson 7 months ago

    As a faroese, i find it disturbing that the photo used in number 2, when explaining about Bornholm, is a photo of the faroe islands, and not bornholm. Denmark has no mountains, but there's plenty of them in the faroes.

  • Shinoa 7 months ago

    As a Dane, I find it quite embarassing that I haven't even been to most of these places. :S

  • Kim Sørensen 7 months ago

    As a Dane, it could name numerous places to get in the top 10, rather than some of the listed 🙂
     But for a tourist, I can see why this top 10 is made, with these venues.

    Skagen and Bornholm are really great places. Kronborg…..hmm….well, it´s quite nice, but the country has so many nice castles. Why not "Rosenborg" where the royal jewelery are located? Why not "Amalienborg", which is the residence of the royal family? Why not "Nyhavn", which is very famous among danes as among several tourists? 🙂