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So glad that I can bring this one to you guys! Today we cover options for staying connected while traveling. In particular…. While traveling Japan! And I think I might have the cheapest portable Wifi option for you guys!!

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Japan 501—- $34/month
Japan 601—- $38/month

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  • ThreechTHEdruid 1 year ago

    Very usefull its limitless data or? Thanks coming first time to tokyo in summer

  • Muhammad Zuhri 1 year ago

    hi, thank you for this video.
    what is the difference? is it the speed?

    Japan 501—- $34/month
    Japan 601—- $38/month

  • Jun Tan 1 year ago

    Just came back from our trip to Japan. I already rented a pocket wifi a few months before the trip. Saw this video a day before the window for the free cancellation was up. Cancelled my previous contract. Rented from iVideo instead. Saved about 2/3 from the previous contract. Plus service was great. Thanks!

  • fluph shop 1 year ago

    Just ordered a pocket wifi for our short (5day) stop on the way home to scotland from NZ. Thank you for the recomendation i was getting super anxious about not being able to find my way and would the airbnb wifi work etc. so this way my anxiety is gone. EE thank you

  • fluph shop 1 year ago

    Norm i love your videos!

  • AJ Mausten 1 year ago

    I was in Japan about this time last year, and the apartment I stayed in (through AirBnB) came with a pocket WiFi. I was surprised by how fast the connection was and that the battery would last a whole day. Even though I have unlimited international roaming on my cell plan, I would default to the WiFi because it was so much faster.

    I always recommend renting a pocket WiFi to people traveling to japan now.

  • But what sticker did you go with tho the world needs to know.

  • Juve Travels 1 year ago

    I've been using T-Mobile since 2015 and every time I go to Japan the connection gets faster, but it's still not fast enough for uploading videos on the go. So I have always made sure that the airbnb location I stay at has a portable WiFi. This can be a down as some of them are limited to either 200 MB per day or 800 MB per week. Some, however, have had unlimited data. iVideo will be a game changer for my next trip as I won't have to pass up on airbnb locations now for not offering a portable WiFi hotspot. Thanks for the post. Keep on posting. 🙂

  • Jacy Hulett 1 year ago

    I used a pocket wifi the last time I was in Japan (May 2107) and I loved having it as my data roaming plan was like $10 a day from Rogers in Canada. I was able to play Pokémon Go throughout Tokyo and always have a transit map/Google maps so I didn’t get lost. It made I my trip a lot more easier than the first time I was in Japan as the only time I had wifi was at the place I was living at in Fukushima or at the hotel/hostel I stayed at in Tokyo. I would recommend it for anyone who gets lost easily or needs to be connected like me.

  • lSuesuEl 1 year ago

    The mushroom!,

  • B Mason 1 year ago

    I'd like to see the prices even lower. It's exciting that the speeds are good, but compared to what some countries pay for internet, I feel like, at least here in the US, we always get the short end of the stick.

    Edit: it's $5/day here in the states.

  • Badass Wanderer 1 year ago

    I tried both sim rental and rental pocket wifi when I was visiting Tokyo, and I ended up preferring the latter one because my family and I could all use it, so we got our money's worth. I'm definitely going to give the iVideo pocket wifi a try the next time I visit Tokyo.

    And what sticker did you decide to put on the dell logo? I'm curious, haha.

  • Rando 1 year ago

    had to do a lot of pausing and skipping back to see those "subliminal messages" of yours :))
    the wifi router seems like the best option, I'd do that and probably will when I'll visit Japan.
    p.s. it's great to see Japan improving it's wifi, it seemed to me that as advanced technologically as they are, this department is still lacking.

  • Cruz 1 year ago

    I do a lot film making in Japan and I use the SIM card option all the time to contact people to work with. It really depends on who you get it from. I always get mine from Edion (DeoDeo to those that haven't been to Japan in the last 5 years) and it works amazing for me.

  • Oscar Mendez 1 year ago

    This past October while I was in Japan I went with option 4 and rented a pocket WiFi. The company i used sent it to my hotel and it was a lifesaver well more of a time saver. It allowed me to use google maps. I used it from Osaka all the way to Aomori. I uploaded my videos and pictures to social media with no problem. One piece of advice bring an external battery. It’s helpful in keeping your devices and pocket WiFi charged.

  • Jackie M 1 year ago

    I have watched a ton of videos and I still feel lost on if I should get one of those JR passes or not. We’re coming in May and I mean we only intend on going to Kyoto couple days and maybe Osaka for a day. Not sure if it’s worth spending 300-400cad specially since it only covers certain trains. I know when I lived in China the subway system seemed more daunting on paper then in real life (there were trans that would stop part way through and turnaround that got me a Couple times in shanghai) I’m kinda hoping that Japan’s is like that too. Though I don’t mind getting lost(some of the best adventures start that way) I’d love more insight on it all in this sort of format.

  • Mari 1 year ago

    We were in Tokyo for a one day layover coming back to the US from Thailand and we rented a portable wifi at the airport. It cost us about $25 or $30 just for one day rental! We are planning on going back there again next year and were worried about what to do regarding internet. Thank you so much for making this video! We will for sure check this out on our next trip back to Tokyo.