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Join me on my adventures in the Kingdom of Bhutan!
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Together with Sonia Chew, plus contest winners Cassandra and Victoria, we had the opportunity to travel to beautiful Bhutan recently. From a helicopter ride, to hiking to Tiger’s Nest and cooking a meal in a local Bhutanese home, here’s what we got up to!

Here’s a video on how to pack light if you want packing tips:


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  • Free Mind 2 weeks ago

    You guys looks astonishing in Kira!!

  • Kinley Wangchuk 2 weeks ago

    Two beautiful ladies… Lovely

  • Kinley Jamtsho 2 weeks ago

    Glad u had a grt time here

  • KMR TECH 2 weeks ago

    Love from india

  • Vacation with the Mazumdars 2 weeks ago

    Jade, amazing video!

  • Swarnim Jha 2 weeks ago

    Himalayan King Bhutan respect from india Jai shree ram

  • Sonam Peldon 2 weeks ago

    You guys look great wearing Kira😍

  • Tashi Wangchuk 2 weeks ago

    wow look like mokey

  • Sarox 2 weeks ago

    Welcome to Bhutan, a cozy country packed with Bhutan’s landmarks, picturesque villages, iconic lush green scenery, and delightful historic settlements. Often unexpected and always charismatic kingdom, travel to Bhutan, the last Shangri La, a unique destination on the planet.
    Bhutan has oozed heritage for ages, a tiny country spreading its influence through everything from GNH (Gross National Happiness) to the only carbon negative country, the unique Bhutanese identity to Ema Datshi, a country without a traffic light, and the most beautiful and youngest queen. And when you're exploring this “land of the thunder dragon” or “Druk Yul”, it's hard not to pause and exclaim, “Ah, this is Bhutan!”

  • Liquid X 2 weeks ago

    Land of the Thunder dragons ♥

  • Anwesha Kar 2 weeks ago

    You guys are amaze!

  • Nadeem Ahmed 2 weeks ago

    Jade Seah: Amazing effects, cinematic feel, B-Roll and Transitions. It is quiet pleasant to watch. A little less of commercial aspect and a bit more of a dip in the local culture would have just turned this video in something more.

  • KUPHSER 2 weeks ago

    I’m heading to Bhutan in one week from now can’t wait

  • RVLOG 2 weeks ago

    i would say the video is mind blowing,,thanks for comming to our country..BHUTAN <3

  • kinzang rabten 2 weeks ago

    next time when you in bhutan i will take you guys to my hide outs do reply

  • Kuenzang Jamtsho 2 weeks ago

    that dochula scene is awesome.

  • Mohshin Anik 2 weeks ago

    which camera you used??

  • BUDDHAMAHADEV 2 weeks ago

    Bhutan, another state of india. or at least puppet country of india.

  • Star Uk 2 weeks ago

    Nice ❤️

  • Yuvraj Gaikwad 2 weeks ago

    Lol from Mumbai

  • Yeshey Tshogay 2 weeks ago

    Beautiful journey

  • kelsang tashi 2 weeks ago

    That was so beautiful!!!!!!!

  • bobyul 9612 2 weeks ago

    beautiful~ glad that you guys enjoyed your bhutan travel 🙂 😘 from bhutan 🙂