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Travel video about destination Bhutan.
The independent kingdom of Bhutan is located in Southeast Asia, most of it being two thousand metres above sea level and is situated between India in the south and Tibet in the north. Until the 1960’s Bhutan was protected from intruders due to its geographical location and was totally cut off from the outside world. Thimphu is the capital of Bhutan. On the northern edge of the city on the banks of the Wang River is the Pangri Zampa Temple, two impressive white buildings in the centre of a monastery. A school of astrology is located behind an unusually long prayer wall of carved stones surrounded by a forest of cypress trees. The road to Punakha travels across the Dochula Pass from the top of which more than a hundred chortens appear in the mist. A chorten is a container for religious offerings that symbolize Buddha’s consciousness in the Himalayan countries, and are therefore sacred. As quickly as it arrives, the fog vanishes, and the Druk Wangyal Ihakhang Temple suddenly appears out of nowhere. At the end of a valley, about fifteen kilometres from Paro, and located on a hill, is the once proud Drukgyal Dzong Fortress. At its foot, the beautiful village of Tsento nestling against protective rocks and surrounded by fertile fields which are brown or green according to the season of the year. Bhutan is an amazing country has retained its ancient traditions, religious secrets and cultural identity.

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  • Navdeep Singh 1 year ago

    Very peaceful place.. No pollution..

  • The Pussy Diaries 1 year ago

    You never hear about this country EVER

  • halfvolley11 1 year ago

    I just wish Bangladesh shared a border with Bhutan. A little bit of Bhutan and we are almost there and we would not have bear disgusting India and Burma as our neighbors. Greetings from a Bangladeshi.

  • Marilyn Hernandez 1 year ago

    Why do Some Bhutanese People Look like South East Asians more than Chinese People ?

  • Piyush Dubey 1 year ago

    can I smoke in bhutan traveling??

  • Skathmandu 1 year ago

    No human rights here coz they kicked out 100 thousands of people frm their country making them homeless

  • Starla Muldrow 1 year ago

    yeah but I wish he talk about the country more instead of the monisterys

  • Roosje Keizer 1 year ago

    I will insist getting reincarnated in Buthan in the after life. If not I will leave the place immediately sue them for the return of my money.

  • Addy Beatbeast 1 year ago

    Love bhutan ! i'd like to settle down there forever right away !

  • Kancana Kuswandi 1 year ago

    mudah"an bisa kesini 🙏

  • Abusayeed Haque 1 year ago

    What is their source of incomes? How do they survive without working and only dancing in eth middle of the week? Is it a  socialist country too?

  • Nep Nep 1 year ago

    Sad but these days Nepal look like a 3rd world country in front of Bhutan.. Bhutan is way ahead of Nepal in every aspect..

  • Ian Graham 1 year ago

    If one is going to make a film like this the producers really ought to make sure that the narrator can pronounce the names properly.

  • Ace Shakya 1 year ago

    Bhutan is part of India.

  • S. Monica Monica 1 year ago

    more or less how much and which airfare is economical?

  • S. Monica Monica 1 year ago

    I want to know how much is the airfare if I travel all the way from the Philippines.

  • Jamil Hussain 1 year ago

    bhutan is a very beautiful country love from bangladesh.

  • Gawaling Bhutan 1 year ago

    Bhutan is one of the most appealing destinations for tourists/travelers. It has such an incredible diversity of attractions and so much to offer that people find
    themselves coming back time and again. You will enjoy authenticity, remoteness
    and a well-protected cultural heritage and natural environment. Welcome to
    Bhutan, 2017!

  • Vish t 1 year ago

    Thank You so much for virtual World Tour .

  • Nate Sassoon 1 year ago

    avatar last airbender vibes

  • Abhijit Kumar Misra 1 year ago

    This video gives very good description of Bhutan and its culture. But unfortunately, didn't give much detail of entry formalities for Indian nationals and foreigners.